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The Mayans latest clip and the highlights from ATX in Austin

A still from the latest Mayans clip on FX

Cast members from FX’s The Mayans were joined by showrunner Kurt Sutter at the ATX festival in Austin, Texas, this weekend.

The Entertainment Weekly led-Q&A moderated and there were some very minor spoilers revealed after a 13-minute sequence from the upcoming fall 2018 crime drama was screened.

Ahead of the panel, Kurt Sutter and the cast made a splash as they rolled up on motorcycles, as he and Elgin James, along with director Norberto Barba and most of his cast were ushered in and introduced.

Actor Edward James Olmos was not available for the panel. His character Felipe Reyes is a hardworking straight arrow who is very angry with his older son Angel for being a member of The Mayans, especially now his younger brother EZ is being sucked into the underworld too.

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Sutter decided to return to the story of the 1%ers after The Bastard Executioner wrapped.

This is a post-Jax Teller world.

The Mayans MC will deal with the consequences of Jax Teller’s actions and the new narrative focuses on the Mayans latest prospect, EZ Reyes. Drugs and drug running is their primary source of income.

Emilio Rivera is back as Marcus Alvarez, a SOA regular. His character will be the thread that connects the Mayans story to Sons.

Sutter has plans to bridge the two worlds of Sons and the Mayans, but the latter will have very distinct story arc with new characters.

Later seasons may meld more of the Sons of Anarchy cast, including fan favorites Happy, Tig and Chibs.

Subtle real world events will affect the storyline and the show is set in a similar community to Sons of Anarchy’s Charming, a town called Santa Padre but down south near the border. Although not an overtly political show, Sutter confirmed at ATX that the real world of politics and immigration issues will bleed over into the story.

The exclusive clip shown at ATX was described as a 13 minute chunk of the premiere,  some imagery revealed included a stray dog chewing on a dead crow. Also seen was “Divided We Fall” graffiti which may allude to the Mayans standing with the other gangs.

The Mayans airs this fall on FX

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