The Good Doctor Season 3 release date: When does show come back on TV in fall 2019?

The Good Doctor Season 3 returns Monday September 23rd.
ABC has announced The Good Doctor season 3 is back on September 23. Pic credit: Eike Schroter/ABC

ABC has announced The Good Doctor Season 3 release date. The hit medical derma will be back in fall 2019.

Fans won’t have to wait much longer to see what the future holds for Dr. Shaun Murphy and the rest of the staff at San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital.

In a matter of weeks, viewers will learn if Shaun is headed for romance with Dr. Carly Lever or if he will once again have his heart broken.

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Season 2 ended on several positive notes. Thanks to Dr. Andrews calling for a vote to oust Dr. Han as Chief of Surgery, Shaun was reinstated.

After learning the good news that he had his surgical job back, Shaun put on a suit and went to Carly’s house to ask her on a proper date. She said yes, and he walked away with a smile on his face.

Jasika Nicole, who plays Carly, has been upped to a series regular for Season 3. Showrunner David Shore shared with Entertainment Weekly that Shaun’s love life will be a pivotal story for the upcoming season.

Shaun wasn’t the only one impacted by Dr. Han getting fired. Dr. Audrey Lim was promoted to Chief of Surgery. Her promotion will have a severe impact on her burgeoning romance with Dr. Neil Melendez.

The two were just starting to admit their true feelings for each other. Shore promised a lot of fun for Melendez and Lim in their work, as well as their personal lives.

Yes, the duo has a lot of choices to make, but they also bring out the best in each other. It should make for an exciting season for Melendez and Lim, who fans are rooting for as a couple.

Claire channeled her inner Shaun in the finale of Season 2. She was able to tap into his brilliant and unique mind to determine what was wrong with a patient.

Shore explained that the moment was less about Claire and more about the show. He hopes to help create a scenario where viewers see the world through Shaun’s eyes.

The Good Doctor season premiere is September 23

“I think our show is at its best when the rest of us. I mean our characters and the rest of us, the viewers as well, learn to the look at the world through Shaun’s eyes, and that we learn something from Shaun rather Shaun learn something from us.” Shore revealed further to Entertainment Weekly.

What is next for Dr. Glassman? How will Lea react to Shaun starting a new romance? Is Dr. Han gone from St. Bonaventure Hospital?

Those questions and more will be answered in one month when The Good Doctor Season 3 debuts. Are you ready?

The Good Doctor returns on Monday, September 23, at 10/9c on ABC.

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