The Flash promo: Rag Doll returns as the Flash struggles to keep his powers

The Flash (Grant Gustin) struggles to keep is speed powers on The Flash. Pic credit: The CW
The Flash (Grant Gustin) struggles to keep is speed powers on The Flash. Pic credit: The CW

The Flash will return with its next new episode on Tuesday, April 7, and The CW has released an intriguing promo for the series return. Here’s what’s coming for Team Flash in the teaser for So Long and Goodnight.

As ominous music plays over a nighttime external shot of STAR Labs, Iris (or Mirror Iris) comments worriedly that Barry’s speed is getting worse.

We see Barry looking distraught and clutching the back of a chair as the gauge on his wrist turns red.

This gauge is his speed detector and warns him when he’s using up too much power. Barry has a limited amount now that the Speed Force is dead, and he’s starting to worry about how he can protect the people that he loves if he doesn’t find a solution.

The super creepy meta-villain Rag Doll returns in the next episode of The Flash

More ominous music accompanies a shot of the Flash struggling with something as Rag Doll (Troy James) lowers into the frame behind him from above. Why does he always have to be so creepy?

Rag Doll also surprises Cecile by crashing through a window.

As Barry fights Rag Doll, his voiceover tells us that he’s “barely hanging on.” He can barely catch his breath because all he can think about is if he’ll be fast enough to save another life.

Poor Barry cares so much about people that he can’t imagine his life if he couldn’t make the same kind of difference to the world as Barry Allen as he does as the Flash. 

Cecile is held captive as Joe fights Rag Doll, holds someone at gunpoint, and loses control of his car and crashes into a wall. Looks like Joe has it pretty rough this episode.

As the Flash makes a desperate dash to grab a gun from someone’s hand (maybe Joe, but maybe not), his speed fails him. 

As all chaos breaks loose in Barry’s life and the people he loves are put at risk, Eva/Mirror Master comments that the Flash is losing his speed.

She tells Mirror Iris to drain the rest. Presumably, the sooner the Flash is powerless, the sooner and safer it will be when she puts her plan into action.

Where the heck is Iris, what is the Mirror Master’s plan, and will we ever find out?

Still no trace of the real Iris in this promo.

She didn’t appear at all last week and we still don’t know what happened to Kamilla. The Flash is really taking their time transitioning into this storyline, and it’s starting to feel a little repetitive.

Let’s get into it already!

Unfortunately, the next episode of The Flash has been delayed until April 7, probably to spread out the remaining completed episodes after The CW announced it was halting all current filming as a precaution against coronavirus. 

No word yet on when The CW intends to resume production as the situation surrounding coronavirus is constantly changing. For the time being, we can expect So Long and Goodnight to air at the usual time on April 7.

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8/7C on The CW.

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