The Curse of Oak Island preview: There’s gold in the wood at the ‘baby blob’

Laird Niven smiling on Oak Island
Laird Niven is excited to hear that there’s gold in the wood. Pic credit: History

The Curse of Oak Island is back this week, and Episode 15 will see the guys uncover a lot of wood while digging into the “baby blob,” and this wood has gold in it.

This episode is called Wood you believe it? and it seems as though this week will see lots of fascinating revelations regarding wood.

As the Dumas mining company continues to excavate and rehabilitate the garden shaft, the Fellowship is continuing to drill into the baby blob just a few feet to the west.

The “baby blob” is the new smaller area that Dr. Ian Spooner identified last week, where the scientific data points to as home to a variety of precious metals that would make up a typical haul of treasure.

A preview of tonight’s episode appears to show the guys hitting “lots of wood.” This probably means they’ve hit another underground structure, and this one is right where they hoped, in the baby blob.

The preview teased a bit more, archaeologist and metallurgy expert Emma Culligan has run some tests, and she’s found gold within the wood.

Rick Lagina says there’s ‘gold in the wood and the water’

A very excited-looking Rick Lagina announced, “now we have gold in the wood and the water.” He is, of course, referencing the water samples taken from the baby blob area that initially revealed gold was buried below.

And for fans who often mock the guys for only finding wood, they should bear in mind that the team is unlikely to find any treasure or vaults without first finding the wood that would enclose the silver and gold. If the guys don’t first find wood, they don’t find treasure.

The History Channel episode synopsis reads:

“Confidence grows when irrefutable scientific evidence reports the Fellowship is closer than ever to the gold.”

Diagram of garden shaft area
This slide shows the baby blob and garden shaft with boreholes marked. Pic credit: History

Oak Island team also explore garden shaft and find a new feature

Also, on tonight’s show, Rick and the team get another chance to check out the progress of the garden shaft by heading underground. There’s a piece of history on show when the guys find an old intact handmade ladder that’s part of the original work. It must be about 200 years old, possibly older!

The team seems increasingly excited about the whole area around the garden shaft and the baby blob. Rick has claimed, “we’re certainly close to where the treasure may be.”

Also, on tonight’s show, Alex Lagina and Jack Begley look to be opening up another area for investigation. A preview showed the pair examining a massive tree by an old stone wall. This is likely either on the newly acquired Lot 5 or Lot 26, where recently, the guys have been doing a lot of metal detecting and examining a strange old well.

The Curse of Oak Island airs Tuesdays at 8/9c on History.

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1 year ago

There are photos from 2017 of Rick with the ladder in the background.