The Curse of Oak Island preview: Rick Lagina realizes ‘lifelong dream’ and goes underground in Money Pit area

Rick Lagina at the Money Pit
Rick can’t wait to get underground at the garden shaft. Pic credit: History

The Curse of Oak Island returns tonight and will see Rick Lagina realize a “lifelong dream” by finally going underground in the Money Pit area and exploring the garden shaft.

This will be a momentous occasion, as it will be the first time that the Fellowship, in the words of Rick, get “boots on the ground” under the surface of Oak Island. This seems like a massive turning point in the Lagina brothers’ efforts to solve the 200-year-old mystery.

Also, this week, Dr. Ian Spooner is back with some data analysis that should help to pinpoint the whereabouts of a concentration of gold near the garden shaft. And also, on the episode, the guys find another significant artifact.

Last week, the Dumas mining company began excavating the garden shaft in earnest. And progress is moving so fast that they’ve already managed to secure at least two levels of the shaft.

On tonight’s episode, viewers will see Rick as happy and excited as a schoolkid at Christmas when he ventures underground to examine the shaft.

Unfortunately, it is unlikely that Rick will find any buried treasure on this occasion, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction.

Dr. Spooner helps to pinpoint the Money Pit treasure

Dr. Ian Spooner has been taking more water samples, hoping to narrow down the concentration of gold, colloquially known as “the blob,” that he believes is buried a few feet to the west of the garden shaft.

A preview for tonight suggests he’s back in the War Room armed with a scientific graph, and he’s found more metals.

Not only is Ian expected to pinpoint the location of the gold, but it looks like he’s found a range of other metals, including silver, copper, zinc, and lead. Maybe he’s found a deposit of different types of buried treasure?

Diagram of the blob and the garden shaft
Ian Spooner has some new info about the Blob. Pic credit: History

Marty Lagina said in a preview, “There are some pretty concrete signs that this might be the Money Pit.” Fingers crossed, he’s right!

The History Channel episode synopsis reads:

“The team is ecstatic when new scientific evidence narrows down the location of the gold signature in the Money Pit. And Rick realizes a lifelong dream when he finally gets underground on Oak Island.”

Gary Drayton finds another super significant artifact

Meanwhile, viewers can also expect to see metal detectorists Gary Drayton and Jack Begley find yet another item of real historical significance.

Gary has played a real blinder this season, unearthing a real plethora of artifacts, including tools dating back to the 16th century and even an ancient Roman coin.

Tonight, Gary and Jack Begley will find an object that has the whole team excited. The preview doesn’t clarify what he’s uncovered, but Gary called it a real “piece of treasure.” As the item was run through a CT scanner, we heard other members of the team excitedly should “magnificent” and “amazing.” Could it top the Roman coin?

The Curse of Oak Island airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on History.

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