The Curse of Oak Island preview: There’s a new discovery in the swamp as Rick investigates Templar Knights in Italy

Marty Lagina in an interview
Marty Lagina is becoming more anxious to solve the Oak Island mystery. Pic credit: History

We’re approaching the end of Season 10 on The Curse of Oak Island, and things are really starting to heat up as there’s a brand new discovery in the swamp. And the guys are also continuing their investigations in Italy as the evidence of a Templar knights’ voyage to the island continues to mount.

This week’s episode is called The Italian Job (a reference to the classic 1969 Michael Caine movie of the same name) and will see Rick and Alex Lagina, Peter Fornetti, and Doug Crowell continue their Italian adventure.

Last week, the guys explored some ancient underground caverns beneath two medieval towns, where they came across various Templar-related symbols and carvings, symbols they had previously encountered in Nova Scotia. This helped add to the theory that members of the medieval order of Templar knights may have buried treasures and ancient Christian relics on Oak Island.

They also spoke to Adriano Gaspani, an expert in archaeoastronomy who specializes in dating ancient stone structures depending on how they align with the stars. Somewhat incredibly, he suggested Nolan’s cross dates back to 1200 AD.

This week the guys will be chatting with another expert, this one specializing in archaeology. A trailer shows Rick and Alex open-mouthed and in shock as they’re told a couple of artifacts could be 1000 years old.

These artifacts appear to be the Roman coin and token found by the guys earlier this season on Lot 5.

There’s a new discovery at the Oak Island swamp

Meanwhile, back on Oak Island, Billy Gerhardt, and the guys are continuing to excavate the mysterious swamp area. They are convinced they’ve found a ramp connecting the 800-year-old paved area to the stone roadway.

We’re unsure of the details, but viewers can expect to see a brand-new discovery tonight. It could be connected to the existing stone structures, or maybe they’ve finally located the ship thought to be buried beneath the swampy water. Or it could be a completely new discovery.

The above exploits are all confirmed in the History Channel synopsis for the episode, which reads:

“While an incredible new discovery is made in the triangle-shaped swamp, Rick Lagina and members of the team make shocking connections in Italy between the Knights Templar and the Oak Island mystery.”

Also, on tonight’s episode, the Dumas mining coming will finally reach the bottom of the garden shaft. After months of anticipation, the team will finally be able to start exploring the Money Pit area from underground.

Marty Lagina finally gets to the bottom of the garden shaft

A trailer shows an excited Marty Lagina heading down the shaft to examine the bottom. He’s hopeful that the team can finally make a breakthrough, stating, “[we’re] very close to the actual treasure of the Money Pit.”

The opening at the top of the garden shaft
The garden shaft is finally ready to be explored. Pic credit: History

We can also expect to see the archaeologists doing more work on the strange circular stone feature on Lot 5. This structure has really piqued the interest of the guys since they learned it has the same dimensions as the original Money Pit. Tonight, geoscientist Dr. Ian Spooner is drafted in to investigate.

The Curse of Oak Island airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on History.

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