The Curse of Oak Island preview: Gary Drayton uncovers a mysterious religious artifact

Rick Lagina smiling in the War Room
Rick Lagina is super excited about Gary Drayton’s find on Lot 8. Pic credit: History

The Curse of Oak Island is back tonight with Episode 6 of Season 10. Metal-detecting expert Gary Drayton has unearthed a potentially significant artifact that will hopefully lead to the treasure.

Also, in this episode, the drill team uncovers yet more evidence of a network of tunnels pointing in the direction of the garden shaft. And the Dumas Mining Co. make progress in excavating the garden shaft itself.

The discovery of gold in the water of the garden shaft, coupled with the discovery of tunnels leading toward the shaft, has led the team to believe they are finally getting close to the treasure.

In the meantime, Gary and Jack Begley have teamed up a lot so far this season to do some regular metal detecting, and as always, it’s proving to be a winning team as they hit artifact after artifact.

As previously reported on Monsters and Critics, the duo recently came across a bonanza of artifacts on Lot 32. This area lies by the seashore between a ship’s wharf and the newly detected mysterious shape on Lot 30.

So far, the guys are unsure what all this means. Still, resident archaeologist Laird Niven quickly pointed out that multiple artifacts indicate lots of past activity in the area.

Oak Island’s Lot 8 reveals a new ancient artifact

However, in tonight’s episode, Gary and Jack are back on the mysterious Lot 8, and they find something that excites everyone.

According to a preview, Gary thinks it “could be the missing link,” and it’s something Laird hasn’t seen before, leading to the team consulting an outside expert.

In the War Room, an expert tells the team that the object features iconography, implying it is a “religious object.” This is bound to have the guys thinking of Templar knights and the theory that the medieval order buried ancient Christian relics on the island.

An artifact lies in Gary Drayton's hand
This mysterious artifact features religious iconography. Pic credit: History

Oak Island offers more questions than answers

Taking into account the distance of Lot 8 from the Money Pit area, it’s hard to know how this artifact could link directly to the treasure, but then, this island has always thrown up more questions than answers.

The History Channel episode synopsis confirms most of the above, reading:

“Gary unearths a curious artifact on Lot 8 and in the Money Pit, the team is astonished to discover that they may be chasing multiple tunnels towards the gold in the garden shaft.”

The Curse of Oak Island airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on History.

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1 year ago

The curse of Oak Island is Gary Drayton.. he likes to identify objects and is usually wrong.