The Curse of Oak Island preview: An underground opening and a string of artifacts give the team new hope

Marty Lagina smirking in Oak Island's War Room
Marty Lagina appears to be happy with what Steve Guptill is telling him about the latest development on Oak Island. Pic credit: History

It’s time for Season 11, Episode 10, of The Curse of Oak Island, which will be airing tonight and promises to see the guys uncover a potential human-made opening to an underground cave.

Fans can also expect this show to be super heavy on artifacts. There are big discoveries due at the swamp and on Lot 5.

Also, tonight, blacksmith expert Carmen Legge is back on Oak Island with more analysis of the findings.

But perhaps the most exciting news this week will come from surveyor Steve Guptill, who is shown in a preview giving the team a presentation in the War Room.

Steve has found “some sort of opening” to an underground cave.

This cave or cavern is likely the so-called Aladdin’s Cave, uncovered approximately 150 feet below ground in the Money Pit area. The team has been attempting to learn if it was natural or human-made and if there was access in and out.

Image of an opening on an Oak Island cave.
Steve Guptill says he’s found a right-angled opening in a cave under Oak Island. Pic credit: History

It now appears as though Steve has found an unnatural human-made opening. Marty Lagina pointed out, “that’s a pretty clean right angle.”

New Oak Island episode focuses a lot on the swamp

This episode is also expected to focus on the swamp, which Billy Gerhardt and the guys began digging up last week. The excavation permits have only just come through, so the team hopes to catch up on one of this season’s most underworked areas.

The History Channel episode synopsis indicates the swamp will feature heavily, reading:

“The Fellowship resumes their efforts in the swamp and are immediately rewarded with stunning evidence of large cargo being moved on Oak Island centuries ago.”

The guys will work on the southern corner, hoping to dig up more of the stone roadway. This roadway is thought to date back 100s of years, and the team suspects it was used to transport treasure from docked ships to the Money Pit.

Metal detectorist Gary Drayton will be searching the leftover material Billy excavates for artifacts, and according to a preview, he’s found something “gorgeous.”

Blacksmith expert Carmen Legge analyzes Oak Island artifacts

And speaking of hauling treasure, a preview also showed Carmen examining a chain that he said was “used to lift a chest onto a wharf,” and he claimed it’s really, really old. The guys might be hoping this proves their theory about the stone roadway.

Elsewhere on the island, work will continue on Lot 5, where the archaeologists are working on a massive stone structure believed to be 30 to 40 feet wide. There’s potentially big news here, too, as archaeologist Laird Niven was overheard saying, “This is an important artifact,” and Jamie Kouba said, “This is really cool.”

The Curse of Oak Island airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on History.

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Sam Lukes
Sam Lukes
6 months ago

In the past, having explored and worked with the late project manager Dan Blankenship, and the still living engineer Dan Henskee on Oak Island, I am thoroughly enjoying observing this eleventh season of exciting discoveries/artifacts. I have many photos and slides I have taken from my past explorations when Oak Island was not as extensively investigated, prior to brothers Rick and Marty Lagina buying the island and continuing their ongoing treasure hunt. They are doing a phenomenal job ever since they first stepped foot on Oak Island, and I wish them and all of the other team members the very best in their determined quest towards solving a now 229-year-old enigma! Stay safe, ALL of you, and may God subsequently bless your inspiring, all out efforts!