The Curse of Oak Island preview: An approaching Hurricane threatens to undo all the teams work

Marty Lagina carrying a bit of wood
Marty Lagina attempts to batten down the hatches as Hurricane Dorian approaches. Pic credit: History

In last week’s episode of The Curse of Oak Island, the guys were struggling to come to grips with a brand new Templar knights theory.

This combined with metal detectorist Gary Drayton finding an ancient rectangular artifact that originated in Europe and dated back hundreds of years added to the excitement.

Meanwhile, geologist Terry Matheson and his borehole drilling machine seem to be edging ever closer to the elusive search tunnel which will lead everybody to the Money Pit. As if that wasn’t enough historical drama, the team has finally begun some serious digging in the swamp.

The start of this series saw lots of speculation regarding the importance of the swamp, and so far, expert theories have indicated that we may have been correct to speculate; the marshy land is increasingly promising some massive finds.

Storm threatens to blow away islands secrets

However, this is Oak Island, and nothing here is ever easy, as this week’s episode sees the guys encounter a problem with the elements. As if getting the island to reveal its secrets wasn’t tricky enough, the guys now have a hurricane to contend with, which threatens to undo all their hard work.

The network descriptor for the episode states: “With a dangerous hurricane approaching, the team scrambles to find evidence of what might be buried beneath the swamp before the storm can wipe out there efforts.”

From the network preview, we see Marty Lagina and Billy Gerhardt’s giant digger appears to have found what looks like a massive stake.

“That is exactly what Fred found,” shouted someone referring to the former landowner and treasure hunter Fred Nolan, who was convinced the swamp was the key to the island’s secret.

The preview also shows the guys worrying about the approaching Hurricane Dorian; we see them rushing to tie everything down before it’s blown away.

“We don’t even know if we’ll be able to dig here again,” says Marty. “This could be catastrophic,” opines Rick.

Fingers crossed this isn’t the episode when they’re all swept into the sea.

Gary Drayton strikes yet again?

Meanwhile, metal detectorist Gary Drayton and Alex Lagina stare intently at an expert.

“Any idea?” Gary asks the expert. The expert, with small artifacts in his hand, says, “they could have been done 1600s.”

Gary Drayton and Peter Fornetti on Oak Island
Gary Drayton and Alex Lagina stare intently at an expert. Pic credit: History

Therefore, it appears as though Gary’s detector may have struck again. Has he found more ancient goodies dating back hundreds of years near the Slipway at Smith’s Cove?

The Curse Of Oak Island season 7 episode 11 airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on History.

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