The Curse of Oak Island preview: A new theory hits the island as the team prepares for a huge dig

Alex and Rick Lagina in the War Room
Alex and Rick Lagina were super interested in what an expert had to say about a tale of missing treasure. Pic credit: History

The Curse of Island returns again this week, and the team is treated to a fascinating theory on the origin of the gold and silver in the Money Pit. The guys also begin preparations for what could be their biggest ever dig.

The first few episodes of this season were pretty action-packed, with lots happening at a rapid pace. Unfortunately, viewers then had to adjust back to reality and the usual hard slog of day-to-day detective work on the island.

Progress definitely slowed, but the guys have continued chipping away at the swamp, and all the artifacts they’ve uncovered in recent weeks really point to a large amount of past shipping activity in that area.

There’s also been a fair bit of disappointment at the Money Pit, as the earlier hope seems to have faded a bit. However, that may now be set to change.

Oak Island team is preparing for a huge excavation

The team is preparing to receive delivery of at least four large ten-foot steel caissons, which they’ll be drilling into the ground at the Money Pit. This will possibly allow them to excavate more of the area than ever before. They’ll also be hoping to dig out the gold and silver that was detected earlier this year.

The History Channel reflects the above goal in its episode description for the week:

“The team investigates an incredible theory that could explain the silver and gold detected earlier this year in the Money Pit while setting the stage for the biggest dig they’ve ever attempted in order to solve the Oak Island mystery.”

And it looks like a new expert will be landing in the War Room to give their theory on exactly where the previously mentioned gold and silver originated.

The expert speaks of an old ship called the Concepcion and of a lost treasure, which he claims was “secreted” away to Oak Island. He also claims that the US government has valued this treasure at $15 million. Understandably, the team is quite excited at this revelation.

The expert could be speaking of a Spanish vessel, the Concepcion, which was reportedly ship-wrecked off the coast of Hispaniola in 1641. The ship allegedly went down with over 100 tons of gold and silver on board.

The gold was reportedly rescued in 1687 by a man called William Phipps, who passed the treasure on to the English. However, we’ll have to wait for the episode to confirm if this is the treasure being discussed in the previews.

Oak Island team may also have a Templar artifact

Expert blacksmith Carmen Legge will also make another appearance this week. In the preview, David Fornetti and Alex Lagina have brought Carmen an item that’s described as “sheeting.” David asks if certain boxes would have that sort of sheeting, to which Carmen replies, “only for valuables.”

In another preview, Carmen can also be heard stating that an artifact could go all the “way back to the 1100s.” This will undoubtedly get the guys, especially Gary Drayton, excited as the 1100s is the time when the Templar Knights were most active.

The Curse of Oak Island airs at 9/8c on History.

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Chris surfman
Chris surfman
2 years ago

One of the most bull**** shows on tv

Robin Gunn
Robin Gunn
2 years ago
Reply to  Chris surfman

With much sadness , I’m beginning yo agree with you. All staged BS ..

2 years ago

While they have not yet found treasure, they have made a lot of interesting historical finds on that goofy little island. Something happened there…

Michael Yurkovic
Michael Yurkovic
2 years ago

I too was a big fan and my time vested has waned. When I saw that Marty was on other “treasure hunting” shows it started to feel like he is just another pitch man on an infomercial. Having said that, I get my news here and tune in the show a little but not as much as I once had. BUT, something did happen on that island a long time ago and just uncovering historical artifacts is very cool too. I can’t see how the Canadian government will ever let them keep anything of value found there.