The Curse of Oak Island: Huge operation under way at swamp during filming for Season 7

Rick Lagina on The Curse of Oak Island and photos of the swamp during the 2019 treasure hunt
Clockwise from left: Rick Lagina on The Curse of Oak Island, geophones and blast charges laid out in the swamp area, and the drilling barge in the swamp. Pic credit: History/Danny Boudreau

A huge operation has been taking place in the Oak Island swamp during filming for the show’s seventh season.

Work is also being carried out at the Money Pit area, with reports the team have “pulled out all the stops” in their hunt this year.

In addition, the Oak Island Interpretive Centre — which showcases valuable items found on the island — mysteriously has some of its display cases covered over in anticipation of newly-discovered finds going on display.

Metal-detecting expert Gary Drayton has been spotted scouring the island’s shoreline, and previously un-searched locations on the island have reportedly been cleared of vegetation so they can be investigated further.

Meanwhile, large amounts of equipment has been seen crossing over the causeway, as reported by local resident Karen Publicover on her Oak Island From The Other Side of The Causeway page on Facebook.

Oak Island super fan Danny Boudreau shared details with Monsters and Critics after he, his wife Tammy and their son Riley visited Oak Island at the end of last month.

The family, from Moncton, New Brunswick, also shared several photos from their tour — which Danny said left him with evidence that “the curse is real”.

Although the family unknowingly bought bogus tour tickets, the Friends of Oak Island honored all of them, making it possible for the Boudreaus and others to visit the island where the hit History channel show is filmed.

After arriving, their group was greeted by none other than number one tour guide and show regular, Charles Barkhouse.

Charles Barkhouse talks during the tour
Charles Barkhouse talks to visitors during Danny’s tour. Pic credit: Danny Boudreau
Danny Boudreau
Danny Boudreau on the wooden decking outside the War Room. Pic credit: Danny Boudreau

The family first visited the Interpretive Centre where they saw the infamous garnet brooch up close and personal as well as a collection of the late Dan Blankenship’s diving gear.

As mentioned above, Danny reported that a couple of the display cases were covered over so as not to reveal some exciting new finds.

Danny also dropped what could be a major revelation when he told us, “We did not see the supposed 90 foot stone found in Halifax last season, and Charles Barkhouse made mention during the tour that they are still searching for the actual stone.”

However, they did see the famous “G Stone” found by Dan Blankenship back in 1967, as well as the footstone of Nolan’s Cross.

The G stone displayed near 10x
The “G Stone” displayed near 10x, and a monument to those who have lost their lives in the hunt. Pic credit: Danny Boudreau
The footstone of Nolan's Cross
The footstone of Nolan’s Cross. Pic credit: Danny Boudreau

Also on the tour were sightings of the original Money Pit roadway, which was closed off with a “no trespassing” sign, and a new road which had to be constructed to access the Money Pit area.

A new monument has also been installed in the Money Pit area by Irving Oil in commemoration of the women who have contributed to the work that has taken place on Oak Island.

Photos showed work being carried out in the area, but Danny said the only visible casing at the time of his visit was C8, which he said Barkhouse had claimed warranted further investigation.

The Money Pit area with C8 to the right
The Money Pit area with C8 to the right. Pic credit: Danny Boudreau
The memorial dedicated to the Women of Oak Island
The memorial dedicated to the Women of Oak Island. Pic credit: Danny Boudreau

According to Danny, we should be seeing a lot more of metal-detecting expert Gary Drayton during the upcoming season, with tour attendees being told that a lot of clearing was being done to thin out some of the hard to access lots. He added, “We could hear chainsaws running in the area as work was still being conducted.”

Karen Publicover, who lives just across the causeway from Oak Island, also posted photos after spotting Gary potentially finding another “bobby dazzler” on the Oak Island shore.

During a stop at borehole 10x, Charles Barkhouse gave Danny and his group a moving presentation on the late Dan Blankenship and honored his memory, praising his “fortitude and will to overcome all challenges.”

Barkhouse also took visitors to Smith’s Cove where the cofferdam was still in place, but stayed far enough away so that close inspection was impossible. He said that the cofferdam was about to be removed but the move had been delayed by the Department of Fisheries in order to prevent issues with the area’s lobster season.

The coffer dam
The cofferdam at Smith’s Cove, which has since begun to be dismantled. Pic credit: Danny Boudreau

Danny revealed that Barkhouse admitted to the tour group that nothing related or similar to the famous lead cross had been found in the area.

However, intriguing footage shared on Facebook by fellow Oak Island fan Nathalie Groleau — who took a recent boat trip around the island — suggests something WAS found in Smith’s Cove that we don’t know about yet.

Danny also confirmed that a friend of his, who visited Oak Island on the same day but on a different tour, said filming was taking place at Smith’s Cove when he was there.

Danny said, “My friend was on the afternoon tour with his wife on the same day that we visited the island. They heard some seismic blasting from Eagle Canada and apparently the explosions were very loud.

“During their tour there was filming going on in Smith’s Cove within the cofferdam area and the group wasn’t able to go down to see. Speculation is that more discoveries were made this season in Smith’s Cove but no details were revealed regarding what they are.”

Meanwhile, tons of activity has been going on in the swamp area. A drilling barge was parked there, and Eagle Canada was conducting loud and explosive seismic blasting — with geophones and blast charges covering huge areas of ground.

You’ll recall that the swamp is where the team are hoping to uncover proof of a buried ship.

The barge in the swamp
The barge in the swamp, where the team believe the remains of an ancient ship could be located. Pic credit: Danny Boudreau
Geophones and blast charges at the swamp
Geophones and blast charges strewn throughout vegetation at the swamp area. Pic credit: Danny Boudreau
The work area around the swamp
Another view of the work area around the swamp. Pic credit: Danny Boudreau

Danny praised the tour staff as exemplary, saying, “We had a great time.” He also insisted that the “curse” is real, after he took two small stones from the swamp area along with an acorn — to prove that oak trees do still grow in abundance on the island — but when he and his family got back to their car they found they had a flat tire.

Danny said, “The curse of Oak Island is real, folks. I took two small stones from the swamp and an acorn as a souvenir and the island insisted that no stones be left unturned.

“When we got back to the car after our walking tour we found a sharp, arrow-head shaped stone stuck into my rear tire and it was as flat as a pancake.”

The two stones from the swamp area, the acorn, and the arrow-shaped stone
The two stones from the swamp area, the acorn, and the arrow-shaped stone. Pic credit: Danny Boudreau
Danny's flat tire at Costco in Bear's Lake, near Halifax.
Danny’s flat tire after making it to Costco in Bear’s Lake, near Halifax. Pic credit: Danny Boudreau

After having to put on a temporary tire in the parking lot and then drive at reduced speeds all the way to Bayer’s Lake near Halifax to get it fixed, he wrapped up with a good-natured word to the wise: “Warning, if your name is Daniel like me, the island will punish you and put you to work. The curse is real!”

What happens next on Oak Island? We’ll have regular updates for you as the summer rolls on!

The Curse of Oak Island Season 7 is expected to return in the fall.

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