The Challenge recap: Who went home on War of the Worlds Episode 12? Wes fights with Hunter to stay

mtv the challenge war of worlds ep 12 who went home hunter dilemma
Wes tried to convince Hunter to stick around on The Challenge: War of the Worlds. Pic credit: MTV

The latest installment of MTV’s The Challenge: War of the Worlds brought more drama and intrigue to the competition. It included Georgia’s big decision, another elimination, and Hunter debating on calling it quits. Here’s the War of the Worlds episode 12 recap including who went home on the latest show.

We start off with the elimination cliffhanger from last week’s show. Georgia debated between Ninja and Nany. She preferred to pick Nany as her opponent and they competed in “Chair’d Up.”

Both girls chose an ally who would tape their seated opponent to a chair. Georgia chose Turbo while Nany chose Wes. The object was to be the first to escape from being taped to the chair and then run over to ring a bell.

Unfortunately for the veteran, Turbo did a solid job compared to Wes. Nany’s arms were restricted as the horn sounded. Georgia escaped immediately to eliminate Nany from the game. Hunter watched as his latest Challenge girlfriend left the playing field.

War of the Worlds elimination fallout, a new challenge

Seeing his girl go home affected Hunter mentally as he admitted Nany kept him sane. Wes apologized to him for what happened and Hunter seemed okay at first. Meanwhile, Georgia and Da’Vonne plotted for Wes’ downfall. Kyle confronted his former partner Mattie about not sending Cara in for elimination and told her he can’t work with her anymore.

A new competitive game involving endurance called “Day of Reckoning” featured the contestants in pairs again. The object was to fill up a dumpster with the trash that was scattered around a sandy area. Competitors had an hour to do so. Guys were chosen randomly and each got to select their female partner in that order.

Hunter had first pick and chose Mattie. Former partners Cara and Theo teamed up to Paulie’s dismay. He went with elimination winner Georgia. Kyle and Dee were a pairing, as were Turbo and Ninja Natalie. Wes was stuck with Da’Vonne in what seemed like a bit of irony considering Bear was her partner before.

Each team used different strategies in their effort to win. However, once the final horn sounded only one team could emerge as the winning side. After a blowup from Ninja towards Turbo over not doing better, TJ announced the results.

Latest Challenge Tribunal, Killing Floor

Three teams rose above the rest. Paulie and Georgia made the Tribunal, as did Turbo and Ninja despite Natalie’s angry outburst. Surprisingly, the third and final team making it into the Tribunal was Wes and Da’Vonne. As a guys elimination and with just three other male competitors left, there were no nominations necessary. Kyle, Hunter, and Theo were all up for the Killing Floor.

In a private chat with Cara, Paulie suggested just nominating himself to go down and take out his nemesis Kyle. Cara wasn’t having that idea. Meanwhile, Hunter began packing to leave. He was disappointed over his latest performance and told Wes, “I’m done.”

Wes tried to urge his pal to give it time and think things over. Hunter said, “I have no fight left in me.”

Georgia also gave words of encouragement to her former partner.

When it came time to talk to the Tribunal teams, Hunter had changed his mind. He said he was going to keep fighting because there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Theo and Kyle both pled their cases. Kyle admitted he had a few broken bones going on too.

Ninja Natalie attempted to patch things up with Turbo during the crew’s night out. However, Turbo wasn’t having it despite Natalie delivering a teary-eyed apology. She and Dee decided enough was enough and to forget about trying to mend things there.

The three competitors prepared for possible elimination. Paulie also continued to prepare in case he wanted to volunteer himself against Kyle. TJ revealed the next elimination is one he loves.

So who else went home from The Challenge: War of the Worlds? That will have to wait until next week’s show. Will it be Theo, Kyle, or Hunter officially leaving the game?

The Challenge: War of the Worlds airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on MTV. 

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