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The Challenge War of the Worlds 2 Episode 12 Recap: Elimination results for who went home tonight

the challenge war of the worlds 2 episode 12 recap with elimination results
Team USA’s Kam, Nany, and Leroy on The Challenge Episode 12. Pic credit: MTV The Challenge

The Challenge War of the Worlds 2 Episode 12 arrived on Wednesday, November 13. The latest installment brought the follow up of the big marriage proposal as well as more scheming amongst the teams and alliances. It also brought more elimination results as viewers saw who went home from one of the teams.

The proposal follow-up, alliance scheming continues

After Jordan’s big proposal and Tori’s acceptance last episode, the teams went back to the house. Nany threw a party for Jordan and Tori. Everyone attended except Cara Maria, who still felt the proposal was staged and fake.

Tori talks to Paulie, telling him the rivalry is really between Jordan and Cara, not between Tori, Jordan, and Paulie. Cara continues staying away from the group celebration.

Kam and Leroy are having feelings again. They talk about their loyalties. Leroy tells Kam that Nany is still his No. 1, but Kam doesn’t feel Nany is reciprocating that.

Rogan meets with Joss, CT, and Paulie. He talks about getting rid of Dee due to him feeling she isn’t ready for a final. Rogan, Joss, and CT tell Paulie they’re going to throw the next challenge, so Dee is sent into elimination.

The new challenge Escape to Freedom

The challenge involves a huge powerboat towing a 120-foot long obstacle course. Each competitor has to race down the obstacle course within a two-minute time limit.

An opposing team’s competitor is the enforcer trying to stop competitors as they go down the course. If the enforcer goes into the water, they’re no longer there to try to stop others.

The team that gets the most team members to ring the bell at the end of the course in two minutes will win. The losing team sends a female into elimination.

Team UK members besides Joss, CT, and Rogan are feeling confident now that Jordan and Tori are on the team. Little do they know of the plan to throw things.

Kam stops Jenny. Tori jumps on the course from the boat and slides off into the water. Dee completes it and rings the bell, as does Kayleigh for Team UK.

It comes to the guys’ turn to compete, but CT informs Zach he’s throwing it. They play rock, scissors, paper on the course to the dismay of teammates. TJ tells the people onshore that the UK guys are throwing it. So Team USA wins it.

New Tribunal, the elimination nomination meeting

The Americans pick Kam as the team Speaker, and she chooses Leroy and Nany for her Tribunal. Kam believes Leroy will do whatever she tells him to, but Nany will probably not.

Tori talks with Nany and Jenny saying she thinks they’re trying to get rid of her by throwing the challenge. Nany tells her not to get too stressed because she doesn’t know what their plan is.

At Team UK’s meeting, there’s no discussion, and they immediately vote. The majority of the votes are for Tori to go in. She talks with the Tribunal and doesn’t name anyone she wants to go up against.

Leroy says that whoever they choose to go in, all three Tribunal members should say the same name. Nany isn’t cool with that. She tells Kam and Leroy to say whoever they have in their plan, but she’ll say who she wants to due to her alliances and friendships.

Later that night, Leroy gets into it when talking to Nany, Josh, and Jordan. They tell Leroy he’s been playing with the wrong team. Kam pulls him away and asks him if she should speak to Nany about what’s going on. He tells her not to do that.

Back at the house, Leroy is talking to Kam, Cara, and Ashley, but Nany comes in asking what’s being said that can’t be said to her face. Arguing erupts between Nany and Kam with Leroy caught in the middle.

Latest elimination results at the Proving Ground

Paulie and CT talk to Leroy about the plan to throw Dee in. Leroy wants to at least tell the girls about it instead of blindsiding them. As Paulie tells the girls, Dee’s friend Ninja is there and shocked by it.

CT informs Dee of what’s up. She goes to talk to Rogan, who says he doesn’t think she can run a final. He plays it off as a team decision. That shocks Dee as she’s been “riding” with these guys since the first day and was romantically involved with Rogan.

She blows up at him and walks away, crying. Ninja goes to try to calm her down. Ashley shows up, and they all huddle up to tell Dee to prepare for possible elimination.

It’s time for the Proving Ground. Tori joins TJ, and the votes arrive. Nany says Kayleigh, but surprisingly, Leroy and Kam vote in Jenny. In a side interview, Rogan admits guilt overtook him, and he couldn’t have Dee sent in yet.

Tori battles Jenny in Hall Brawl. The first round is extremely close with Tori getting to her bell two-tenths of a second quicker. One more win for Tori and Jenny’s gone.

In Round 2, Tori runs Jenny over. Jenny holds onto Tori’s leg for dear life, but eventually, Tori gets past and goes to ring the bell. Tori rejoins Team UK while Jenny goes home.

The Challenge War of the Worlds 2 is shown on Wednesday nights at 9/8c on MTV.

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