Terra Jole’s ‘Black Girl Moscato’ name startles focus group on Little Women: LA

Terra Jole holds a focus group for her planned ‘Black Girl Moscato’ wine on this week’s Little Women: LA — and leaves the group startled when she reveals the name.

Terra first revealed her new venture two episodes ago, with the ‘Black Girl Moscato’ name immediately proving controversial.

In Monsters and Critics’ exclusive clip from this week’s episode, she tells the focus group: “We are launching a moscato, as you clearly can see. We are focusing that moscato on the African American community.

Terra Jole talking about 'Black Girl Moscato' on Little Women: LA
Terra Jole holds a focus group for her ‘Black Girl Moscato’ on Little Women: LA

“We know that moscato is a preferred wine in that community. My partner and I are looking at creating a tongue-in-cheek, very outside-of-the-box name. And we are thinking of Black Girl Moscato.”

Most of the group are taken aback by the name as soon as she says it, with one woman asking: “Black Girl Moscato?”

But is it too controversial, or will the focus group give it the go ahead?

Little Women: LA, produced by Kinetic Content, airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Lifetime.

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