Tap into HISTORY’s 12-hour live surveillance of Skinwalker Ranch right now

A shot of Skinwalker Ridge from Secrets of Skinwalker Ranch. Pic credit: HISTORY

HISTORY has viewers hooked with its nonfiction mystery series, The Curse of Oak Island, and its ready to unveil the next series that will have UFOlogists glued to their screens.

They will be providing unprecedented access to one of the UFO hotspots in the country, Skinwalker Ranch, in northeastern Utah’s Uinta’s Basin. The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch premieres tomorrow (Tuesday, March 31) at 10/9c and its first season will be eight hour-long episodes, airing on Tuesday nights.

What happens at the ranch?

For over two centuries, strange happenings have been a regular thing on this 512-acre ranch. That includes UFO sightings, animal mutilations, and unexplained natural phenomena.

“Skinwalker” refers to a shape-shifting creature from the Navajo culture that was set to curse the Utes tribe after a long-running feud went south. One of the creatures known to mysteriously roam the grounds is a wolf — one of the legendary forms of the Skinwalkers.

Since then, the land has been the epicenter of supernatural occurrences, no matter who lived there and who dared to seek answers. In the late 90s, Terry Sherman held the property for only 18 months before he sold the property to businessman and UFO enthusiast Robert Bigelow. The new owner conducted his own investigations but didn’t find any significant physical evidence.

Bigelow eventually sold it to real estate mogul Brandon Fugal in 2016, who in 2019 allowed HISTORY access to the ranch, in an attempt to get to a deeper understanding of the land. Skinwalker Ranch and this cycle of spooked ownership were also recently featured in the latest season of Project Blue Book.

Astrophysicist, data scientist, and science fiction novelist Dr. Travis Taylor acts as the eyes of the viewer as he is invited to spend several months on the ranch to study and follow up on the strange reportings that detail what happens on a regular basis there. Along with cutting edge technology, Taylor will try to see if there can be any scientific explanations given for what is occurring there, or if, in fact, aliens are at the root.

Having tried out the Curse of Oak Island, which in my honest opinion, tests the viewer’s patience with their appetite for board meetings and excavating footage, The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch has plenty more eye-brow-raising moments from episode to episode. Okay, yes, there are plenty of roundtable discussions here too, but a lot of head-scratching moments where a viewer has to put their faith in known science and beyond to the test.

As a bonus, Fugal is allowing HISTORY to broadcast live access to their surveillance cameras from 8 p.m. ET to 8 a.m. ET on YouTube. Interested viewers may want to tune in, while you are huddled indoors under quarantine and see the wide-open Uinta Basin in all of its glory.

Make sure to enjoy the live stream

Having spent some time on the live stream, you can see the screen rotate through multiple cameras set up all over the ranch in the hopes of catching something as it occurs live. Even if you’re a little confused while watching the live feed, tune in to the premiere and, hopefully, there will be subsequent live stream opportunities.

Viewers will soon understand what it is that you’re looking at and are hoping to see as landmarks, angles, and even staffers at the ranch become recognizable.

We’ll have more on what the series entails tomorrow, including an interview with Dr. Taylor, but for now, check out the link, and maybe you’ll see some strange lights in the sky.

The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch airs Tuesday nights at 10 p.m. ET on HISTORY.

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