Tallulah Willis on Catfish: The TV Show shows compassion as catfish reveals herself

Tallulah Willis
Tallulah Willis is back on Catfish: The TV Show. Pic credit: MTV

Tallulah Willis is back on Catfish: The TV Show and she helped Nev Schulman during last night’s episode. They were called to Michigan by Kristina who had been talking to a woman named Faith.

It was revealed that Kristina also had a live-in girlfriend named Sami, who was devastated by the entire situation.

But as Sami and Kristina ventured into northern Michigan to look for Faith, it was Sami who dropped a bombshell.

Even though Tallulah felt that they were being ghosted by Faith, as she didn’t get into contact with them as they approached her home, she kept an open mind.

Nev and Tallulah split up, with Nev talking to Kristina, who was struggling with the idea that she would never know who was the person behind Faith. Tallulah spent time with Sami, who admitted to Tallulah that she had been Faith all along.

Rather than getting Nev and letting Sami explain the situation, she listened to why Sami felt she needed to make up a persona to get in touch with her former fiancee. Her compassion didn’t surprise viewers, as she had done the exact same thing during a previous episode of Catfish: The TV Show.

During the older episode, she served as a comforting best friend for Chelsea, who had to call her boyfriend to let him know that she had been talking to another guy in California and had traveled out to meet him. Rather than the conversation blowing up, Tallulah listened and supported Chelsea as she handled it with grace.

Another thing that’s great about Tallulah is that she doesn’t use her famous parents to make her more relevant to viewers. In fact, she let MTV feature some of her artwork during her first episode with the show and she has been open about her own struggles with growing up in the spotlight.

Just last night as the episode aired, Tallulah revealed that she had been sober for 5 years. As we’ve previously covered, she went to rehab to deal with addictions to both cocaine and alcohol.

Catfish: The TV Show airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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