Survivor twist revealed by Jeff Probst: What are Fire Tokens?

Jeff Season 40
Jeff Probst hosts Survivor Season 40 which brings back 20 former winners. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Fire Tokens are a new Survivor twist that could change the game during Season 40. Host Jeff Probst explained the new facet of the game and showed how it could impact how the 20 contestants play the game.

Dalton Ross from Entertainment Weekly shared a lot of additional details about Survivor: Winners at War on Wednesday — which included Jeff Probst giving an in-depth explanation of those Fire Tokens.

What are Fire Tokens on Survivor?

Each of the 20 returning castaways starts with a Fire Token at the beginning of the game. It will serve as a form of currency as the season progresses.

If someone is voted out, they must give their Fire Token to one of the other contestants. It’s a strategic process that could have an impact on later episodes.

Extinction Island is back this season — and that’s where the castaways go if they are voted out at Tribal Council. Once on the island, they can find powers and advantages that can be sold. This is where the Fire Tokens are used.v

It’s basically an auction, where the person or people on Extinction Island can set a price and ask that it is matched by one person or a group of castaways still in the game. This is where Fire Tokens could get combined in order to afford the advantages.

This is a very interesting wrinkle, and it will be a completely different way of doing things this season. There are only 20 Fire Tokens in total, so it may not always be obvious who has them or who has given their’s away.

And someone on Extinction Island could accrue a lot of them before returning to the game.

Revealing the Survivor twist with so much time left until the season premiere is a bit of torture, especially since we all want to see how it is going to play out.

Will this be a new twist that sticks around for many seasons to come? Or will Winners at War be the only season that uses Fire Tokens?

Now, we just have to sit back, think about how a veteran player can use this advantage and hope that the return date arrives quicker than the calendar advertises. Before then, a special episode of Survivor will air on February 5.

Survivor will air Wednesday nights on CBS at 8/7c beginning February 12.

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