Survivor special episode: Retrospective to air soon, feature stars of show

Amber Survivor
Amber Mariano was certainly a memorable Survivor cast member for what she accomplished on the show. Pic credit: CBS

A Survivor retrospective will air on CBS soon. This special episode will help celebrate how long the reality competition has been on the air and help to usher in Season 40 of the show.

This will be a fun way for Survivor fans to look back on cast members, moments, and winners from the first 39 seasons of the show. It’s also going to be a way to see why it isn’t easy to win the show.

Called Survivor At 40: Greatest Moments And Players, the CBS special will feature Parvati Shallow, Jeremy Collins, Boston Rob, and Amber Mariano looking back on the history of the show.

These former cast members are not only some of the most recognizable people from the show, but they are also going to appear as part of the Season 40 Survivor cast.

When does Survivor retrospective air on CBS?

This special installment will air on Wednesday, February 5 at 8/7c on CBS. That is exactly one week before the season premiere of Winners at War.

In advertising for the television special, CBS had the following to say about the retrospective:

“One week prior to the two-hour series premiere of Survivor: Winners at War, a few of Survivor‘s most elite players will take part in a one-hour special, Survivor At 40: Greatest Moments And Players, a retrospective that features new interviews with unforgettable players from the past two decades of the groundbreaking series.”

This seems like a fun way for fans to take a look back at the show and to remember why it was so enjoyable to watch past seasons.

Season 39 came to a rather ugly close, including someone getting kicked off the show. Now, it’s time for the network to start up the heavy promotion for the monumental Season 40 and get people to stop thinking about the fall 2019 installment.

It is highly recommended that viewers tune in for the February 5 special, as it will serve as a helpful reminder to how a lot of the Season 40 cast members ended up winning their respective seasons.

Then, it’s time to start learning how the All-Stars cast did while competing for the $2 million prize, when the two-hour premiere arrives.

Survivor Season 40 will air Wednesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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