Survivor sneak peek for new episode reveals a Jeff Probst temptation

S39 E11 Image
Season 39, Episode 11 of Survivor: Island of the Idols, called Bring on the Bacon. Pic credit: CBS

A Survivor sneak peek for the new episode was released by CBS. It gives a look at an important moment that will take place during Season 39, Episode 11. And yes, the title of the episode, which is Bring on the Bacon, is important.

Last week on the show, two people were sent to join the jury as several twists took place during the episode. That included the tribe getting split in two before they all competed for immunity.

Two separate Tribal Councils took place leading to Aaron Meredith and Missy Byrd getting voted out of the game. That left just nine people competing for the $1 million prize and they all get tempted by host Jeff Probst during an all-new episode.

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In the clip below, the final nine castaways have arrived at the latest Individual Immunity Challenge. After Jeff explains the rules to the Island of the Idols cast, he then offers them an excuse to sit this one out. With a difficult choice at hand, who will take him up on the offer?

Bacon vs Immunity on Island of the Idols

Talk about a difficult decision for people who have been on the show for 30 days. Making it all the way to Day 30 of any season is a big deal, especially having to survive the elements and not getting to eat as often as you would like.

Now, the final nine castaways have to figure out if they feel safe enough to enjoy a good meal and not take the chance at winning Individual Immunity. The bribes can be game-changing depending on who sits out and who decides to participate. Will it put a target on someone’s back?

Another big moment will also take place on Wednesday night’s episode. According to CBS, one of the castaways will have to prove how well they know their tribemates when presented with a game-changing opportunity on Island of the Idols. That sounds pretty exciting. Cue up Boston Rob and Sandra.

There aren’t many episodes left for Survivor Season 39, so every decision and challenge has an elevated level of importance. Tune in on Wednesday night to find out who survives the next Tribal Council.

Survivor airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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