Survivor recap: Welcome to the merge, two episodes on CBS

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The merged tribe from Survivor Season 39, Episode 8. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Survivor returned for two new episodes on Wednesday night. This is a full recap of Season 39, Episode 8 and Episode 9 of the show, which focused on the merge and what took place after that.

The prior episode had an interesting finish, where Kellee Kim gave Dean Kowolski her Immunity Idol to use on himself. It led to Jack Nichting being voted out and sent to join the jury.

Survivor 39, Episode 8 recap

It was time for the merge during the first episode of the evening. The two tribes dropped their buffs and began one very large tribe of 13 people. It’s almost too many people to keep up with, especially with the format of the fall 2019 season.

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Following the merge, it was time for the feast. Everyone got to enjoy a nice meal and relax for a bit. This is where relaxing can lead to some castaways letting their guards down, though, with the people paying the most attention typically making it deeper into the season.

Right before the merge, Kellee found the replacement Hidden Immunity Idol, giving her some additional power within the new tribe. It’s noteworthy because there were some people trying to target her for elimination.

Kellee and Missy Byrd also spoke about their frustrations with Dan Spilo doing too much unwanted touching at camps. The producers also let CBS viewers know that the castaways were given an additional warning about that type of behavior. Dan was not punished, while Kellee and Missy had a good discussion with each other.

At the Individual Immunity Challenge, Jamal Shipman and Aaron Meredith were the last two people standing in a game that involved holding a table steady with three balls on it. When it was down to just Jamal and Aaron, Jamal decided to duck out, and Aaron won Individual Immunity.

At Tribal Council, another blindside took place. Kellee Kim, who had two Idols in her possession, decided not to use one. Big mistake. Kellee was voted out over Dan and became the second member of the jury.

Survivor 39, Episode 9 recap

The second episode of the evening picked up right where the first one had left off. Only 12 castaways were left in the game after Kellee had been sent to join Jason on the jury.

Jamal met with Rob Mariano and Sandra Diaz-Twine during this episode. He got there by finding a clue that he thought would be an advantage. He was taught that things can be too good to be true and his Tribal Council vote was taken away. He was then given a chance to sabotage another player in the game.

In the Immunity Challenge for the episode, the castaways had to hold on to a handle while being elevated over the water. They just had to hang on to survive. The last man and woman standing would gain safety. Aaron won on the guy’s side and then Missy on the other safety.

At Tribal Council, Jamal Shipman was voted out, with Karishma Patel and Janet Carbin each receiving votes.

Survivor: Island of the Idols airs Wednesday night at 8/7c on CBS.

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