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Survivor recap: Episode 5 spoilers include tribe shuffle, surprise vote

Survivor 39 Tribes Ep 5
The two tribes during Survivor 39, Episode 5. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

The Survivor recap from Season 39, Episode 5 stems from a new episode on Wednesday night. The show picked up right after the Tribal Council that took place on Day 11, with Dean Kowalski trying to figure out what went wrong.

During the last episode of the show, Chelsea Walker was sent home at Tribal Council. She was completely blindsided by the vote, as she thought she was on the right side of it. Instead, she went home with an Idol still in her pocket.

That’s twice that someone has been sent home from the Island of the Idols cast while possessing an Individual Immunity Idol that could have prolonged their stay in the game. It left 16 people competing for that $1 million prize as the new episode began.

With a lot taking place in the episode, there wasn’t time for Boston Rob or Sandra to make an appearance. Maybe two castaways will get to visit them next week?

Survivor recap: Season 39, Episode 5 plays out

Dean wanted to investigate what happened that led to the last Tribal Council vote, but the episode quickly shifted to the tribes arriving at a beach where host Jeff Probst was waiting. It was time to drop their buffs and switch up the tribes.

The new Vokai Tribe became Aaron Meredith, Dan Spilo, Elizabeth Beisel, Elaine Stott, Jason Linden, Lauren Beck, Missy Byrd, and Tommy Sheehan.

The new Lairo Tribe became Dean Kowalski, Jack Nichting, Jamal Shipman, Janet Carbin, Karishma Patel, Kellee Kim, Noura Salman, and Tom Laidlaw.

They were offered a Reward Challenge with an Applebee’s lunch on the line. Vokai ended up easily winning it and getting to enjoy the spoils of a really good meal on Day 12. This is really important early in the show.

It was an interesting plug for a sponsor on the show and Vokai certainly enjoyed having some hot Applebee’s food on the island.

Team Immunity Challenge

Karishma and Noura had a difficult time in the water again, making it tough for any tribe to have them on the same side. It put the Lairo Tribe in a difficult spot early on and they were unable to overcome the intense challenge.

Vokai won its second challenge of the episode, meaning they would avoid Tribal Council. As a reminder, this made the following people safe: Aaron, Dan, Elaine, Elizabeth, Jason, Lauren, Missy, and Tommy.

Tribal Council No. 5

Dean, Jack, Jamal, Janet, Karishma, Kellee, Noura, and Tom had to face Jeff at the Tribal Council. One of them would be going home by the end of the night, increasing the number of Lairo Tribe members who have been unable to succeed this season.

At Tribal Council, Karishma was at risk again, as she was an easy person for people to vote against. That has been the theme of the season and she continues to be just on the outside of most of the tribe. Somehow, she continues to survive, though, as Karishma was not voted out.

While Karishma did receive two more votes at Tribal Council, it was former professional hockey player Tom Laidlaw who was voted off the show. By a 5-2 vote (Noura had no vote), Tom had his fire extinguished.

Survivor airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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