Sunny Hostin rudely interrupts Arnold Schwarzenegger during live interview

Sunny Hostin on The View
Sunny Hostin on The View Pic Credit ABC

Sunny Hostin, popular co-host on The View, is no stranger to having to excuse her behavior. Today was no different.

But first, a little backstory. Recently, Sunny found herself in the host seat with fans.

During a taping of The View, two audience members introduced themselves as long-time family friends.

They had even attended a wedding with Sunny. Yet Sunny had to take to social media to find their names.

She felt the need to clap back at the fans of The View who called her out.

Then there was the time Sunny revealed that she needed “intense therapy” over her inability to cry, shocking her co-host Sara Haines with the admission.

Arnold Schwarzenegger rudely interrupted live on the air

Today on The View, Sunny had another problem with common courtesy. And this time, she couldn’t apologize quickly enough.

During a delightful story filled with grandchildren and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s spoiling of them, something happened that completely shocked him.

After reading from a card questions for the esteemed Arnold, Sunny Hostin had an embarrassing mishap.

Midway through a sentence full of love for his grandchildren and his animals, Arnold was forced to pause. Everyone was shocked and held their breath.

Sunny Hostin’s phone rang live on the air today

Arnold Schwarzenegger was on The View promoting his new book, ” Be Useful- Seven Tools For Life.

Sunny Hostin had her phone face down on the table today.

As Arnold was speaking, it rang. It seemed an eternity before Sunny snatched it up and quickly ascertained who was calling her during the show today.

“It’s my daughter.” Sunny declared apologetically. Sunny has two children, a daughter and a son.

An ever-quick-witted Arnold improvised. “Tell them I’m not here!” he said with a laugh.

Sunny managed to squeak out, “Oh. Sorry!”

Not knowing how to react, the other ladies sitting around the table today, Whoopie Goldberg, Sara Haines, Ana Navarro, and Alyssa Farah, looked at each other and nervously laughed.

Ever a professional, Arnold Schwarzenegger maintained his composure even as the flustered Sunny tried to speak over him by asking another question.

Arnold, in his long professional life, which has included body-building, acting, and serving as the Governor of California, has no problem taking control back in an interview.

The unflappable Arnold continued telling his stories and keeping the audience and the co-hosts mesmerized during it all.

It was enough to smooth over the rudeness of a phone ringing live on television.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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