Sunny Hostin claps back at critic: ‘You should be ashamed of yourself’

Sunny Hostin on the red carpet
Sunny Hostin claps back at online critics. Pic credit: © Fotos/Admedia

Sunny Hostin has no time for critics when it comes to sharing happy moments.

Earlier this week, she took to Instagram to share a sweet moment that happened on The View.

Two audience members were longtime family friends of Sunny’s, and while she didn’t immediately recognize them, they showed her pictures of her at a wedding, and it began to come back to her.

She shared the heartwarming event on Instagram, writing, “These two lovely women were in the View audience today. They told our warm up comedienne that I was in a family wedding when I was 7.”

“I had zero recollection until they brought out the receipts. Yep, that’s me. Long lost chosen family members. My mom, godmother, aunts, cousin and Dad are all in the pics. The View surprises me everyday. Janet and Linda thank you. We didn’t exchange contact info! If anyone knows pls DM me.”

However, not everyone was warmed by the message, and she did receive some flak after posting the images.

Critics come for Sunny Hostin

A few commenters didn’t understand how Sunny couldn’t remember being in the wedding or how she forgot to get any contact info from the ladies.

One user simply asked, “You forgot to ask their names?”

Sunny replied, “They told me but I was so overwhelmed and rushing off the stage because of our protocol. I have found them already tho.”

Sunny Hostin IG Comment
Pic credit: @sunny/Instagram

However, one user couldn’t fathom how Sunny couldn’t ask, and Sunny wasn’t impressed with their comments.

“Can’t imagine talking to them and not asking who they were, but she’s so caught up [in] herself anymore,” the user wrote. Sunny wasn’t having it.

Sunny Hostin hits back

“Not caught up in myself,” Sunny replied, “Caught up in the magic of the moment. You should be ashamed of yourself but I’m sure you aren’t.”

Ouch! But Sunny wasn’t quite done yet.

“And maybe that’s why your page is private. You don’t have the courage to identify yourself and get what you say in return,” she said.

Sunny Hostin IG Comments
Pic credit: @sunny/Instagram

The user wasn’t having it either and came back at Sunny: “Don’t go there Sunny, I watch the View everyday and I love the show, I’m tired of you thinking that your above all of us. My account is blocked because I only want people I know to see my grandchildren, I don’t care if you were caught up in the moment or not, you ask people’s names.”

They followed up that they were not spell-checking, which was the reason for some of their typos, but Sunny was relentless.

“You are a coward with keyboard courage. And it’s ‘you’re’ or ‘you are’ not ‘your’. Maybe you should take time for a remedial English class instead of being jealous of another person’s earned confidence and accomplishments.”

Sunny Hostin IG Comments
Pic credit: @sunny/Instagram

“You don’t get to steal my joy with your jealousy and bad grammar,” Sunny concluded, and yeah, that’s gotta hurt.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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