Stranger Things Season 4: Spoilers found in Netflix Monopoly game

Dr. Brenner and Number Six at Hawkins Laboratory
The Monopoly game for Season 4 of Stranger Things has reportedly been sold to a few people, resulting in some major spoilers being released. Pic credit: Netflix

As the release date for Stranger Things Season 4 gets closer, many viewers are curious to learn more about the series before it comes out. However, as with many series, some potential major spoilers were released last month when someone reportedly bought the Stranger Things Monopoly game from Target.

The game was not supposed to be released at the time, as far as anyone knows, and it’s unclear how a customer was able to purchase the board game. Some believe it was simply stocked as a mistake, but that doesn’t change the fallout of the game being available. The cards featured some significant spoilers for fans.

Unfortunately, it sounds like the Duffer Brothers, who created Stranger Things, were not consulted about the game. The Hollywood Reporter states that the two were very upset and had a “total meltdown” over the game’s release and the spoilers.

Much of the information about the spoilers comes from a Reddit thread and some Twitter users, including one who reportedly bought the game.

Warning: The rest of this article contains spoilers from Stranger Things Season 4.

Stranger Things Season 4 Monopoly spoilers

After images of the Monopoly game and some of the cards were revealed, the spoilers’ spread was impossible to stop.

While some cards contain more spoilers than others, they add interesting tidbits for the upcoming season following the end of Season 3. Although they aren’t confirmed as legitimate cards, they certainly look like the real deal.

One card reveals a possible major spoiler, stating, “Eleven agrees to travel to a secret laboratory in the desert to get her superhuman powers back.”

The other cards read: “You’ll need a computer genius to find Eleven. Thankfully Dustin’s girlfriend, Suzie, fits the bill,” “Dustin uses his radio device to tap into the police dispatch and find out who they’re looking for,” “A Russian doll with a cryptic note arrives in the mail— and it may hold the key to Hopper’s whereabouts,” “Soothing music from a cassette player snags you out of a nightmare and likely saves your life,” “Lucas tricks bad boy Jason and his goons into thinking that Eddie is hiding out at Hopper’s cabin,” “Your brave pal Eddie lets rip on his guitar to draw a swarm of Demobats away from Vecna’s lair,” “You overpower a guard, set off an explosion, and escape into the woods on a snowmobile,” “You visit a horribly scarred patient at a psychiatric hospital and learn something very important.”

Netflix revealed that the upcoming monster in Season 4 has a more “horror movie” feel and was inspired by classic horror movies, such as Nightmare on Elm Street. Considering the card regarding being awoken from a nightmare, it seems that this season’s monster could be inspired by the ghost of nightmares, Freddy Krueger. The cards also hint at Hopper’s fate, which was left undetermined at the end of Season 3.

A look at Stranger Things Season 4 Monopoly game

A Twitter user posted on April 13 that they were able to buy the Season 4 Monopoly game from Target and included images of the front and back of the Monopoly box.

However, sources say they cannot verify the purchase.

There are Monopoly games from previous seasons, but reportedly, Season 4 Monopoly isn’t supposed to be in stores at this time. One Reddit user posed the idea that the store was holding the game to stock it later, and there was an error made, resulting in the game making its way to the salesfloor. Although this is not confirmed, the evidence looks very real.

Stranger Things Season 4 premieres on Friday, May 27, on Netflix. Seasons 1-3 are available for streaming.

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