Stranger Things 3 challenges Game of Thrones ratings in first four days on Netflix

Stranger Things 3
Stranger Things 3 broke records in just four days. Pic. credit: Netflix

You thought the Game of Thrones finale was a big deal and it was but it turns out Stranger Things is an even bigger deal.

Netflix has stated that the third season of the original series Stranger Things has broken a new record. As of late Monday, 40.7 million households have binged on the show. Having premiered on July 4, it is estimated that 18.2 million have completed watching the entire season reports NBC News. (Raise your hand if that includes you.)

Those numbers are amazing when you compare them to HBO’s Game of Thrones finale which took in 19 million viewers in the U.S. and Justin Patterson, a Raymond James analyst says that the record viewing suggests that 26 percent of all Netflix subscribers (154 million) have been watching the show.

“This illustrates that originals are resonating with consumers and finding value with binge viewing,” Patterson said in a note Tuesday. “As content breadth and quality improve and drive more engagement, we see further pricing upside.”

Only a few other shows have received a similar response from loyal viewers. The Seinfeld finale brought in 40.5 million viewers in 1998, 41.47 million people tuned in to see who shot J.R. from Dallas in 1980, 42.36 million viewers headed to Cheers for its last call in 1993 but M*A*S*H still tops them all with its finale airing in 1983 with a whopping 50.15 million viewers.

While fans of the show are still reeling from the death of Barb from Season 1, other questions remain such as the supposed death of another loved one in Season 3, what year is the show set in, who played the mayor Larry Kline and even if there will be a Season 4 of the show. If the rating success (and that extra scene at the end of Season 3) is any indication, then yes, there will be a lot more of Stranger Things.

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