Stevie J and Ty from Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta take their feud to the court but did they squash it?

Stevie J and Ty take their issues to the basketball court
Stevie J and Ty attempt to leave their drama on the basketball court. Pic credit: VH1

It’s no secret that Stevie J and Mimi’s girlfriend Ty have been at odds for quite some time.

The tension between Mimi’s baby daddy and her boo reached peak levels just a few months ago when Stevie and Ty ended up wrapped up in an Instagram feud.

Now we know that the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta stars’ argument went down while cameras were rolling and much of it played out on the latest episode of the show.

Mimi Faust’s baby daddy and her longtime girlfriend started sparring after Ty posted a photo of herself with Mimi and Stevie’s daughter Eva.

Apparently, Stevie was feeling some kind of way about the photo and suggested that Ty and Mimi should adopt. Naturally, that struck a nerve.

Ty responded to Stevie J’s Instagram comment and the two went back and forth in the comments before Joseline Hernandez even chimed in about her former (fake) husband’s effort, or lack thereof, in parenting their daughter, Bonnie Bella.

On Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, we saw that Ty and Stevie made a deal that they would take their latest argument to court – as in, the basketball court.

And when Ty won (as we knew she would because she’s a WNBA star, after all) the deal was that Stevie J would issue a public apology for constantly coming after her on social media.

However, Stevie J’s public apology wasn’t all that convincing and even his wife, Faith Evans, thought he could have done better.

Ultimately, the scene ended with Mimi Faust losing her cool and Ty having to hold her back as Stevie and Faith made their exit.

Clearly, any issues that Ty and Stevie had have not been resolved but that hasn’t stopped her from posting pictures with Mimi or Eva.

Whether Stevie will be taking any more shots at Ty in the comments is anyone’s guess.

But it’s clear by this recent share from Ty that she’s still taking shots and pointing out the obvious about Stevie.

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta airs on Mondays at 8/7c on VH1. 


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