Stephen and Sophia from The Proposal: Are they still together?

Sophia, who was chosen by Steven on The Proposal
Sophia giving an update on her and Stephen from The Proposal on ABC

The Proposal has been making headlines for weeks — and aside from getting engaged within an hour of meeting, some of the couples have ended up with an amazing love story to talk about.

Last night’s episode of The Proposal featured Stephen and Sophia. He was the one “interviewing” the women and ultimately he ended up handing out a proposal.

While the two previous couples from The Proposal — Mike and Monica and Ashley and Jordan — have remained together, that is not the case for Stephen and Sophia. The two did leave the show engaged but when they got back home and began to live life again, things just didn’t work out.

Currently, Sophia is back in New York after graduating from college. She had nothing but nice things to say about Stephen. Their relationship just didn’t work and the two appear to be committed to being friends. Sophia mentioned in a video shared on The Proposal’s Twitter page that she hoped that Stephen would visit her in New York.

Stephen also gave The Proposal fans an update about the status of his relationship with Sophia. He essentially echoed her sentiments in how he feels about her. Their relationship just didn’t pan out because they were at different places. Stephen confirmed the two do still talk and have admiration for one another.

The success of The Proposal’s first two couples took many people by surprise. But while Stephen and Sophia are no longer together, both appear thankful for the friendship they found with each other.

The Proposal airs Mondays at 10/9c on ABC.

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