Steph Custance and Art Burke talk about their goals for this season of Ice Road Truckers

Steph Custance talking on Ice Road Truckers
Steph Custance talking on Ice Road Truckers about her hopes for this season

This week on Ice Road Truckers, the season continues as the truckers talk about their hopes for the year.

Art Burke is a seasoned trucker who’s seen just about everything you can imagine on the icy roads. He’s hoping not wreck anything this year and for everything to go good. He says: “Not to wreck the truck, not to get stuck…I mean this is not going to happen. ”

Art Burke on Ice Road Truckers
Art Burke hopes that everyone pulls together to get what they want

Art goes on to say he hope “we can all work together and everyone will get everything they need.”

Steph Custance is a greenhorn compared with Art, but she has proved her mettle more than once and also has some high hopes for this season. She is looking to gain more knowledge and move past the feelings she had last year, when she felt overwhelmed, scared and nervous. ”

Photo of truck driving on the ice road in blazing sun
Sadly the weather is not always this good!

She goes 0n to say: “I know I’ll be alone a lot this year and I think for me that’s more nerve wracking. So this is a year to go out and do what I can and with no convoys it’s solely on me. I wanna go out there and prove myself more than last year, I’m going to kill it!”

Also on this episode, Lisa Kelly jackknifes her truck in the middle of nowhere and Alex Debogorski goes right through a patch of ice.

Ice Road Truckers airs at  10:00 P.M. on History Channel.  

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