Star City Slayer on Arrow: Who is Stanley Dover, and how does he compare to DC Comics character?

Monday night’s episode of Arrow was called The Star City Slayer and it featured a familiar face: Stanley Dover, the inmate who befriended Oliver when he was imprisoned at Slabside Prison earlier in the season.

We only got a hint of his depravity in those episodes, but last night we discovered just how disturbed this serial killer truly is. 

The Star City Slayer on Arrow

When Stanley arrived at Slabside, he presented himself to Oliver as meek and helpless against the deadly criminals there. He was in awe of the power Oliver wielded as Green Arrow and was desperate to earn his favor so Oliver would protect him.

Initially Oliver wanted nothing to do with Stanley. After he was beat up by other inmates as punishment for Oliver’s refusal to join their squad, though, Oliver took pity on him.

After that, Stanley became his constant companion. At least until Oliver was sent down to Level 2.

When Oliver returned, Stanley killed Dunbar, a corrupt guard at the prison, and framed another inmate, Ben Turner, for the crime. At first, Oliver didn’t suspect Stanley, believing he wouldn’t do something that conniving.

Soon, Oliver realized what was underneath Stanley’s timid exterior, and he refused to continue to help the cold-blooded murderer. 

During the riot in the prison started by Ricardo Diaz, Stanley drugged Oliver in an effort to get him to listen to him.

It became clear that Stanley saw his crimes as a necessity. Yes, he’s a serial killer. But everyone he killed deserved it. He claims he didn’t have a choice in the matter.

Fortunately, Oliver was able to overpower Stanley.

Left behind by Oliver, Stanley proceeded to the morgue and escaped from the prison. That was the last we saw of him until he went fully homicidal on Monday night’s episode.

No further spoilers here, but suffice it to say we learned just how deep Stanley’s depravity goes.

The Star City Slayer in DC Comics

In DC Comics, Stanley Dover is also dubbed the Star City Slayer by the press. However, his story is very different.

The comics’ Stanley Dover is an occultist. He slays young children to harvest their blood, which he believes will enable him to summon a demon called the Beast with No Name. 

He eventually meets Oliver Queen, who is both without memories and a soul at the time. Seeing an opportunity to transfer his soul into Oliver’s much younger body, Stanley kidnaps Oliver.

Before Stanley can finish his ritual, however, the demon he summoned surfaces and takes his revenge.

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