Sophie Pecora On America’s Got Talent: Bullied teen raps for judges, overcomes fears

Sophie Pecora On AGT
Sophie Pecora performed on the season premiere of America’s Got Talent. Pic credit: NBC

Sophie Pecora began her America’s Got Talent journey on Tuesday night. Her first time on the AGT stage was for the new group of judges, but she did well to overcome her fears in front of the large audience.

Pecora provided her back story of singing in front of mirrors when she was younger and feeling insecure about making friends. That led to her posting YouTube videos online and singing original songs.

She explained she was on the show to share a song about her experiences and make it clear to everyone that it is something a lot of people go through in their daily lives.

Below is the full introduction and performance for Sophie Pecora during the Season 14 premiere of America’s Got Talent.

Sophie Pecora on AGT season premiere

Her dream is to perform her own songs and to tour around the world. If her performance from the first episode of 2019 is any indication of what she can do, then Sophie Pecora could very well be touring the world soon.

It’s always a risk to perform an original song in front of the AGT judges, but she made the right decision this time around. Sometimes original songs turn into hits, whereas other artists need to stick with singing recognizable tracks. Pecora is clearly in the former group.

It was an emotional and raw performance from Sophie Pecora and one that carries the strongest message possible. Not only was this an impressive performance, but it is something that so many people will be able to relate to that she could be the favorite to make it to the end of the summer 2019 season.

The four judges unanimously voted to send Sophie on to the next round. It was almost disappointing that she didn’t receive the Golden Buzzer, as she performed well enough to earn it. Maybe next time.

America’s Got Talent airs Tuesday nights at 8/7c on NBC.

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