Sonni Pacheco: Who is Jeremy Renner’s ex-wife and what does she do now?

Sonni Pacheco is Jeremy Renner's ex-wife.
Jeremy Renner’s ex-wife Sonni Pacheco is fighting him for custody of their daughter. Pic credit: @SonniPacheco/Instagram

Sonni Pacheco is the ex-wife of actor Jeremy Renner. The two are making headlines today for their ongoing bitter custody battle over their 6-year-old daughter, Ava.

A war of words has erupted today between the A-list star had his model ex-wife. TMZ obtained court documents that have Pacheco claiming Renner was “coked up and drunk” one-night last year and threatened to kill her.

She also recalls an incident the actor allegedly put a gun in his mouth, then removed it and fired a shot into the ceiling. Ava was reportedly in the house at the time.

Renner has denied all accusations against him in the court documents in a statement to TMZ. The Avengers: Endgame star insists Pacheco is still angry that the relationship ended and is looking for a payout.

He maintains he does not have a problem with drugs or alcohol. Renner is also declaring Pacheco is the one with substance abuse and mental health issues.

Pacheco is a 28-year-old Canadian actress and model. She grew up in a small city called Pitt Meadows, which is outside of Vancouver.

The mother of one has appeared in The Wingman, and American Pie: Presents The Book of Love. She reportedly met her famous ex-husband on the set of Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol, but Pacheco is not in the movie credits on IMDB.

Renner’s ex-wife also dabbled in real estate for a little while. There is an Instagram account for her listing Pacheco as a relator at KW Beverly Hills in the bio section. It has been over three years since there was an active post on the account.

Based on her current Instagram page, it appears Pacheco has given up modeling and acting for sculpting. Her social media feed is full of her posing with her designs, many focusing on the female form in the nude.

“By combining the human form with the skulls of animals, each piece is a representation of her vision of strength, distress, torment, seductiveness, and servitude. Each piece is sculpted with clay- a therapeutic medium she’s worked with since pregnant with her daughter- giving her a malleable sense of storytelling that has helped shape her identity and the underlying identities of her pieces,” reads her profile on Saatchi Art website.

Jeremy Renner and his ex-wife Sonni Pacheco were married for less than a year in 2014. They cited irreconcilable differences as a reason for the divorce.

He didn’t even acknowledge he was marred until months after the wedding. The actor had worked to keep his personal life private, especially after Ava was born in 2013.

Up until September of this year, the exes had agreed to joint custody of their only child. Pacheco was first to file for sole custody, with Renner quickly counter filing for the same thing.

A court hearing is scheduled for November 7. The parents were ordered to attend child custody mediation before the hearing to see if the issue could be resolved before court.

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