Who was The Pawn on Days of our Lives?

Drake Hogestyn as John Black on Days
The Pawn brings trouble for John on Days. Pic credit: Peacock

Who was The Pawn on Days of our Lives? That’s a question many fans are asking as a blast from the past keeps popping up on the hit Peacock show.

The Pawn has become one hot topic on Days since Konstantin (John Kapelos) was kidnapped by John (Drake Hogestyn) and Steve (Stephen Nichols).

During that incident, Konstantin saw something in John that reminded him this wasn’t the first time he met the Black Patch duo.

Since then, Konstantin has been dropping not-so-subtle hints to Steve about it, especially as Patch continues to try to force Konstantin away from Maggie (Suzanne Rogers).

Days of our Lives spoilers reveal Marlena (Deidre Hall) is worried about John, and she should be because his The Pawn problem isn’t going away.

This storyline is just starting, so it’s time for a refresher on The Pawn or, as many Days fans know, the man John Black used to be.

Who was The Pawn on Days of our Lives?

The Pawn was introduced in 1985 as part of a mystery that involved Victor (John Aniston), Stefano (Joseph Mascolo), and drugs. At the time, The Pawn’s face was heavily bandaged after having plastic surgery to help hide his assassin past.

When Victor kidnapped The Pawn, Steve took The Pawn into his custody to extort Victor for money. In the end, The Pawn escaped both of them, proving he was not someone to mess with.

In 1986, the bandages were removed, but The Pawn had no memory of his past. The Pawn chose the name John Black after seeing it on a war memorial wall.

Later, Marlena tried to help John remember his past as The Pawn, while Victor toyed with him but never gave up information about The Pawn. John and Marlena eventually found the doctor who performed the plastic surgery.

They were shocked to discover the before picture was of her late husband Roman (then Wayne Northrop). John began living as a Roman until the real Roman returned from the dead years later.

After Roman came back, John returned to being John Black, but his past as The Pawn remained a mystery.

Over the years, John’s identity has been shaken up a few times, with him believing he was a thief named Romulus, the son of Colleen Brady and Santo DiMera, Forrest Alamain, and a priest.

Finally, in 2016, John learned he was John Robicheaux and was reconnected with his long-lost father, Timothy Robicheaux (Dick Van Dyke), last year.

Revisiting The Pawn on Days of our Lives

The fact that Konstantin knows, or at least thinks he knows, about The Pawn means trouble for John and Steve. Throw in the connection to a place called Aria, and a new mystery is born.

It seems the writers are ready to have John learn more about his time as The Pawn. We do know that The Pawn was up to no good, and he was very dangerous.

Be sure to keep tuning in to find out what happens in the new The Pawn storyline. There’s no question it will impact not only John but also his marriage to Marlena and his friendship with Steve.

Days of our Lives airs weekdays on Peacock.

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