Days of our Lives star Deidre Hall pays tribute to Bill Hayes, honors his marriage to Susan Seaforth Hayes

Deidre Hall on the red carpet
Deidre Hall breaks her silence following Bill Hayes’ death. Pic credit: ©

Days of our Lives star Deidre Hall remembered her friend Bill Hayes in a heartfelt tribute over a week after he died at age 98.

Deidre also honored Bill’s 50-year marriage to Susan Seaforth Hayes, revealing they were a package deal.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Susan broke her silence on Bill’s passing last week with a thank you to those who have paid tribute to her husband.

There’s no question that Susan has been a focus for her Days colleges and fans after Bill’s death.

Deidre has shed more light on her friendship with the couple as well as the dynamic duo that was Bill and Susan.

The talented actress used Instagram to share a throwback photo of her and Bill at the Emmys. She also included a picture from the Days of our Lives Christmas episode featuring the hanging of the Horton family Christmas ornaments.

Days of our Lives star Deidre Hall honors Bill Hayes’ marriage to Susan Seaforth Hayes

“When I say Bill & Susan Hayes, I think of the phrase with no separation between the words. If written, it would appear as Billandsusanhayes.” Deidre kicked off the caption on her IG post.

Moving on, Deidre revealed she had the pleasure of knowing them personally and professionally, having worked with them for decades on Days of our Lives.

“During any significant moment or event, it was each other’s eyes they sought out to share the experience. It could not be fully enjoyed until it was shared,” she added.

Susan and Bill’s faith got them through the tough times. They also loved to share stories of their large family, their travels, and so many other things. No story was complete unless they each weighed in on it, telling it as a team.

“Many years ago, clearly having no idea personally, I asked Bill, ‘What makes a marriage work?’ He gave it much thought before saying, ‘In all the years I have known Susan, she has never given me an insincere kiss,'” the soap starlet expressed.

Deidre revealed that the response summed up Bill and Susan’s devotion to each other. It was what made their marriage work.

“Yes, they taught us how to love, and it was truly a Master Class,” she stated.

Deidre Hall pays tribute to Days of our Lives star Bill Hayes

In another part of her caption, Deidre paid tribute to her dear friend Bill, a man loved by many. Deidre talked about his outstanding singing, acting skills, and booming voice, which was like no other.

There was always a smile on Bill’s face at the studio as he happily engaged in conversation with his costars.

“Bill Hayes was the most loving and generous man I have ever known. Anyone lucky enough to have spent time with this gentle man, would surely agree they were “changed for good.” ended the caption.

Words can hardly describe what the cast of Days of our Lives felt for the late great Bill Hayes. Deidre Hall, though, did an excellent job of paying homage to him and his 50-year marriage to Susan Seaforth Hayes.

Days of our Lives airs weekdays on Peacock.

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