Who is Victor Newman’s first wife Julia on The Young and the Restless?

Who is Julia Newman on The Young and the Restless?
Julia Newman returns to celebrate her ex-husband Victor Newman. Pic credit: CBS

Fans of the CBS soap opera are wondering who Victor Newman’s (Eric Braeden) first wife, Julia (Meg Bennett) on The Young and the Restless is. The daytime drama is kicking off a three-episode event dedicated to Eric’s 40th anniversary with the show.

On-screen the tribute takes place around the 50th anniversary of Newman Enterprises. Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) is throwing a gala in honor of her husband and his business accomplishments. It will feature a look back on Victor’s time in Genoa City, which will include several flashbacks to his life.

Victor’s first wife Julia Newman

Some old faces show up to honor Victor, including his first wife, Julia Newman. The character was first introduced in 1980 when she and Victor came to Genoa City together.

Julia was a Jabot model. Victor was extremely protective of his wife but he was so focused on business that he neglected her a lot.

Their marriage was riddled with affairs. Julia fell in love with Brock (Beau Kazer), while Victor turned to Lorie (Jaime Lyn Bauer). Brock eventually left town, and Victor called if off with Lorie. However, that was just the beginning of their infidelity.

The end of Victor and Julia’s marriage

Julia learned Victor fathered a child with his secretary Eve (Margaret Mason) and immediately turned to a photographer named Michael (Nick Benedict). She hid the tryst from Victor, even when she popped up pregnant. It turns out Victor had a vasectomy behind Julia’s back, so he knew she cheated on him.

Victor became ruthless, demanding Julia choose between him or the baby. The business mogul also held Michael hostage, feeding him rats and forcing him to watch Victor have sex with Julia.

Finally, she discovered her lover being held captive. Victor interrupted Julia trying to help Michael escape. The two men fought, resulting in Julia being hurt and losing the baby.

Friends until the end

Despite Julia leaving town after her miscarriage and remaining MIA for years, the former couple did help each other out of a jam. She saved his life when crazy Eve was trying to poison him.

Victor later returned the favor by giving Julia a heads up the design firm she owned with her late husband, Charles was ripe for a hostile takeover. The business mogul helped his ex-wife save her company as repayment for her saving his life.

The last time fans saw Julia on The Young, and the Restless was in 2018 for the CBS soap operas 45th anniversary. At the time, she was still running the design firm with her daughter.

Fans will find out soon what Victor Newman’s first wife, Julia Newman has been up to as she is dropping by the Newman Enterprises gala.

The Young and the Restless airs weekdays on CBS.

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