Who is Sasha on General Hospital: Sofia Mattsson plays Nina’s daughter

Sofia Mattsson as Sasha Gilmore
Sasha’s DNA matches Nina’s but is she really her daughter? Pic credit: ABC

General Hospital fans are speculating like crazy about Sasha Gilmore (Sofia Mattsson), a newbie to Port Charles who apparently is Nina’s long-lost daughter. But is she really? Who is this mysterious character?

P.I. Curtis (Donnell Turner) found Sasha after it was discovered that Nina’s baby did not die, but instead, her evil mom gave the baby up for adoption.

But, even after two DNA tests confirmed that she is Nina’s (Michelle Stafford) long-lost daughter, viewers have tons of doubt. Yes, she bears a striking resemblance to Nina, in fact, both actresses are drop dead gorgeous!

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Soaps usually have an agenda for bringing on new characters, and fans are speculating that this is the case here. What could it be? Is Sasha a grifter? Is she a plant, as in Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) is a part of this discovery and he always has an ulterior motive?

We first saw Sasha on September 18, and this week she met Nina. It was a meet up full of awkward questions, but they eventually agreed to get a drink together. Explosive spoilers reveal that all is about to blow up when Sasha rejects Nina!

Could this mean that in fact, Sasha is not Nina’s biological daughter? Fans have wondered if Kiki (Haley Erin) could be the real MIA daughter. It makes sense, as Kiki and her mom Ava (Maura West), have been at each other’s throats over Griffin (Matt Cohen) and acting very evil toward each other.

Swedish actress and model Sofia Mattsson has been cast as Sasha. Her television credits include NCIS and Two and a Half Men, and she’s starred in movies including Becoming Bond, Gothic Harvest, and Jurassic City.

In fact, the acting gene runs in Sofia’s DNA as Helena Mattsson, star of American Horror Story: Hotel is her sister!

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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