Who is Barb on General Hospital?

Devon Ogden selfie
Devon Ogden was tapped for the role of Barb on General Hospital. Pic credit: @devon.ogden/Instagram

General Hospital is getting a new character.

It will be a short stint, but the impact will send waves through Port Charles.

Devon Ogden will debut in the role of Barb this week on the hit ABC soap.

She will be put into a position that could change everything for Finn (Michael Easton) and Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst).

The General Hospital spoiler video teased Elizabeth into Finn’s apartment, looking shocked, and now we know why.

Let’s see how Barb will shake things up this week.

Barb and Finn get frisky

Finn is understandably upset over the loss of his father, but turning to the bottle wasn’t the best decision.

As he struggles to remain sober, things only get worse for the doctor.

His relationship with Elizabeth is rocky following the discovery his sobriety had been lost. The two exchanged words, and things have been tense since.

Fast forward to Barb joining General Hospital this week.

The doctor is still off the wagon and has decided to pursue a rendezvous with Barb. Where he meets her remains unclear, but spoilers tease that Finn needs a drink as Gregory’s memorial goes on.

When Elizabeth walks in on the two in Finn’s place, we can’t help but wonder whether she will turn and walk away or if a confrontation will happen.

It appears that Barb will be on-screen for more than one episode, as it seems to carry over a little bit.

Is this an exit story for Finn?

As summer heats up on General Hospital, so does the rumor mill.

Right now, it’s expected there will be three exits. However, one of them being counted was Gregory Harrison, who exited the role of Finn and Chase’s (Josh Swickard) at the end of May sweeps.

Michael Easton’s leaving has been circulating the soap world, and given Roger Howarth’s exit, it wouldn’t be surprising. However, there has been no solid indication this is the case.

Given his current situation, sending him to rehab is a possible way to have him exit the canvas without killing off another actor. It would leave the door open should he decide to return. Perhaps his exit is only for an extended vacation, and he will return later down the road.

There’s also been speculation that Ava (Maura West) will be caught in the center of a whodunnit and exit the show. The writers have backed her into a corner, and now, it may just end with her dead.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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Gail Cohen
Gail Cohen
11 days ago

Leave Ava alone she’s so spunky great actress funny Take Brooklyn she doesn’t really have story now or Blaze but not Ave please !!