Who is Alexander Kiriakis on Days of our Lives?

Alexander Kiriakis on Days of our Lives: Who is he?
Alex is about to shake things up in Salem. Pic credit: NBC

Alexander Kiriakis on Days of our Lives causes quite a stir with his return to Salem, and he brings a favorite fan actor back to the hit NBC soap opera.

Two weeks after Ben (Robert Scott Wilson) and Ciara (Victoria Konefal) set sail around the world, Rob returns to the canvas. The couple’s happily ever after meant the talented actors were saying goodbye to the daytime drama.

While Victoria is off to pursue other projects, Rob has resurfaced in a new role connected to a legacy family in Salem.

Days fans got their first look at Rob as Alex in the promo for this week’s episodes of the soap opera. Boy, was it quite the introduction too.

There are already a couple of witty one-liners referencing Rob’s former character Ben, so the show isn’t just ignoring that fact.

Alex’s return to Salem means it’s time for a refresher course on Justin’s (Wally Kurth) son and Sonny’s (Zach Tinker) brother.

Who is Alexander Kiriakis on Days of our Lives?

The last time Days viewers saw Alex, he was just a child. Alex was born in 1989 to Justin and Anjelica Deveraux (Jane Elliot).

However, in true soap opera fashion, Alex’s paternity was a hot-button storyline. At the time, Anjelica was married to Harper Deveraux (Joseph Campanella), who turned out to be the Riverfront Knifer, and Justin was married to Adrienne (Judi Evans).

Once Anjelica discovered Harper was sterile, she realized the baby was Justin’s. Soon after, Victor (John Aniston) learned the truth and offered to marry Anjelica to make the baby his heir.

Unfortunately for Victor, Anjelica had other plans. She opted to marry her friend Neil Curtis (Joseph Gallison). Things blew up, though, when Anjelica thought she had a chance with Justin and told him the truth.

Justin chose to stay with Adrienne, determined to make their marriage work while also being part of Alex’s life. Anjelica schemed to break up Adrienne and Justin, including trying to have Adrienne killed.

When her plan to kill Adrienne backfired, Anjelica left town with Alex, and they were presumed dead in a plane crash. Johnny Corelli (Antony Alda) eventually discovered them and returned Justin to Salem.

Justin and Adrienne raised Alex in Dallas and Dubai along with Sonny and twins Victor and Joseph.

Robert Scott Wilson talks taking on the role of Alexander Kiriakis on Days of our Lives

Last week Robert spoke with TV Insider to express his thoughts on playing a new role on a show he’s called home for years.

“I’m part of one of the big families here, made it to the big boys club,” Rob shared. “It’s been just the biggest breath of fresh air I could ever imagine. I’m having more fun than I think I’ve ever had in any projects, whether it be daytime or film or regular TV…[Alex is] the polar opposite of Ben Weston.”

The new role allows Rob to work with other actors and actresses that he hasn’t before. John Aniston was at the top of that list for Rob, as was Wally.

It will certainly take time for Days of our Lives viewers to get used to Rob as Alex. Rob has stated Alex is the complete opposite of Ben. That means the actor gets to switch things up, which should be entertaining for fans.

Days of our Lives airs weekdays on NBC.

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Betty Jo Sullivan
Betty Jo Sullivan
10 months ago

My question is why does no one use the doorbell anymore. People just walk into anyone’s home, even the ones with butlers. I might be nick picking but it is just strange.

Ricky Willis
Ricky Willis
9 months ago

I concur. We do not see the butlers from either Kiriakis or DiMera estate. Some of the un-invited exclaim “The door was open.” at the Brady house. With murderers, people coming and going in the tunnels (you know where this is DiMera mansion). Entering the Kiriakis house is even easier. Both families have criminal backgrounds. Where is Security? We saw Ben Head of Security at the DiMera estate. Oh yes the doorbell.: will only be used along with a door knock for a dramatic entrance of a character. There is lots more to discover and discuss like Lucas locked out from the front door. Handy having the French doors there to enter and leave. (if front doors locked when Lucas arrived, how would Sarah have entered? [using some specifics] Technology so behind zero. Doorbell Ring or cameras around the estate costing too much. Love the show and all portrayers. Have a grand DAYS of Your LIFE.

Cheryl Rasher MacDonald
Cheryl Rasher MacDonald
9 months ago

Just plain stupid.

9 months ago

there are more such absurd things. Questions: How did you get in here? go unanswered.

Louise Croonenberghs
Louise Croonenberghs
1 month ago

Please keep Alex on Days; get rid of Ben if you choose between the two. Ben is boring compared to Alex who brings so much life to the screen! His lines are amazing, funny and crazy!