The Young and the Restless wild rumor: Phyllis and Kyle have steaming hot revenge sex!

Phyllis and Kyle talking on The Young and the Restless
Will there be a steamy hookup between Phyllis and Kyle? Pic credit: CBS

When it comes to The Young and the Restless, the only thing hotter than Kyle’s rippling 12-pack is the steamy rumor about who he’s about to sleep with — and no, it’s not Summer!

You know you’re watching a soap when a man’s naked torso fills your screen for half an hour, am I right? Well, that was the case yesterday when hottie Kyle (Michael Mealor) paraded around the Abbott mansion like a bronzed Adonis, in front of Phyllis (Gina Tognoni) and Dina (Marla Adams). Dina wasn’t bothered of course, but Phyllis…

She couldn’t keep her eyes off the birthday suit boy! And there’s a good reason for that if a wild rumor is true: these two are about to have the revenge sex of the century!

Yep, fans are speculating like crazy that it’s not a matter of if, but when, these two hot bods are sidling up next to each other between the sheets.

Why? Phyllis finds out today that Billy has fallen off the gambling wagon big time, and Kyle has put the kibosh on cashing in his sex-bet with Summer (Hunter King). Obviously, he’s not all that into her: But he could be into her mom!

It would be the perfect revenge for each since Summer has been flirty with Billy, Phyllis has had it with Billy, and Kyle has had it with Summer. Ooh la la folks, you know what they say, where there’s smoke there’s fire, and that’s not all she wrote.

In between admiring his abdomen, Phyllis cast all kinds of compliments Kyle’s way about how kind and nice and compassionate he was with Dina. So, he’s got a huge heart beating in his handsome chest to boot!

Right about now that wholesomeness looks awfully appealing to Phyllis, plus he’s the one who told her the truth about her daughter trying to steal her man. How will she repay her debt of gratitude?

Stay tuned folks, Pyle may be about to hit your screens and when it does, grab a squeegee cause it’s gonna get steamy!

The Young and the Restless airs weekdays during the day on CBS and in the evening on PopTV.

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