The Young and the Restless: Twitter drags Doug Davidson for Days of Our Lives cast comments

Days of our Lives fans are not happy with The Young and The Restless star Doug Davidson.
Doug Davidson has started a Twitter war among soap opera fans. Pic credit: ©

The Young and the Restless star Doug Davidson is being dragged on Twitter for comments he made regarding Days of our Lives cast members. Fans are taking sides in a new social media feud that might be nothing more than a misunderstanding about what was said.

Friday night, Davidson’s costar, Christian LeBlanc, tweeted congratulations to the cast of Days of our Lives after it was revealed that the show was renewed.

It is Doug’s response that has fans in an uproar.

“What does that mean? No one is under contract? Who are you congratulating?” replied Davidson.

Fans of the NBC soap opera are furious at his comment taking his words as a dig at the cast. When one user tried to explain that several Days stars have revealed why they are not on contract, Doug stood his ground reiterating the cast is unemployed.

However, his defense did nothing to sway those who feel he doesn’t understand the facts of the situation. Many told the actor to simply stay in his lane and not talk about people on other daytime soap operas.

Several haters chose to remind the Y&R actor that he is not on contract either. Those who did not agree with his Days remark, let Doug know he should be more concerned about his status on the CBS soap opera. Paul Williams has rarely graced viewers’ TV screens recently, even being MIA for months at a time.

Not all Twitter users were coming at Doug, as many rushed to his defense. One used agreed with his comment, stating the renewal is a win for Corday Productions but not necessarily all cast members. Once all actors and actresses have new contracts for the NBC show, then they deserve congratulations.

Another fan remarked it was funny to see social media explaining to Doug how the soap opera industry works. He has been in the business for over three decades, his fans are pretty confident Doug knows more about his job than trolls.

Twitter is dragging Doug Davidson for his remark about Days of our Lives cast member contracts. It is The Young and the Restless fans vs. Days of our Lives fans in the latest social media battle. The nastiness and hate were out in full force, with some users pulling out all the punches attacking the actor personally.

Doug did say in one of his Tweets that many of his close friends work on the NBC daytime drama. He admitted to being very sensitive about the subject because those he cares about are not on contract.

Could it be his response to Christian’s tweet was out of concern for those he cares about and not him being petty?

The fact is all of the Days cast members have been released from their contract and no one is guaranteed a new one. Yes, the soap opera has been renewed, but that does not mean all of the actors and actresses will be sticking around.

There is a social media war regarding Doug Davidson’s words, whose side are you on?

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