The Young and the Restless spoilers: Who will take down Diane first?

Eileen Davidson as Ashley Abbott on Y&R.
Ashley’s determined to protect her family from Diane on Y&R. Pic credit: CBS

The Young and the Restless spoilers reveal that the walls are closing in on Diane (Susan Walters) as her secrets are coming to light.

Last week Diane spilled her entire back story to Jack (Peter Bergman), including how she met Tucker (Trevor St. John).

The revelation introduced a new character Jeremy Stark, played by Passions alum James Hyde.

Those flashbacks of Diane and Jeremy are not the last Y&R viewers have seen of him either.

November sweeps will have him resurfacing at the worst possible time for Daine.

This week though, Diane’s enemies rally to bring her down

Diane blasts Phyllis

A previous promo video for the hit CBS soap opera had Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) gloating to Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) that their plan’s working and Diane’s reaching her breaking point.

The latest preview teaser features a giddy Phyllis encountering Diane at Crimson Lights. Diane’s none too pleased with Phyllis and her happiness over Diane’s world crumbling.

Unfortunately for Diane, Phyllis and Nikki aren’t the only ones working to take Diane down. The family she thought was on her side isn’t so much.

Jack and Ashley plot their next move

After hearing Diane’s story, a shocked Jack spills to Ashley (Eileen Davidson) that Diane’s been lying from the moment she came back into their lives. The news only confirms to Ashley that action needs to be taken.

Ashley informs her brother that Diane’s too intertwined with the Abbott clan, which is not good for the family. The siblings share a moment as Ashley declares they can’t let Diane get further connected to the family.

Although Jack doesn’t say anything in the video, the look on his face speaks volumes. Diane also has a look on her face, one of determination.

The footage ends with Ashley warning that the Abbotts must be prepared for anything. Y&R fans know that isn’t going to be easy, considering how attached Kyle (Michael Mealor) has grown to his mother.

The Young and the Restless spoilers reveal that Phyllis pushes Diane to her breaking point, and boy does that seem to be the case.

Whatever happens, this week will lead into the must-see drama of November sweeps. The Diane storyline and more will explode, and Y&R viewers won’t want to miss a second of the jaw-dropping moments.

Who’s ready for things to shake up even more in Genoa City?

The Young and the Restless airs weekdays on CBS.

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Diane Findley
Diane Findley
1 year ago

I really hope Diane gets her little apple cart turned upside down. I’m tired of the story already. I continue to love the new Summer, she’s a great little actress!

Diane Findley
Diane Findley
1 year ago

I hate Nick and Sally together! And why does Chelsea always go after someone else’s man. I thought she was heading for a mental breakdown and would go away but be written off the show. She does not need to be harassing little Johnny. That story needs to be done carefully.

Ree Ree
Ree Ree
1 year ago

The episode with Chelsea wanting to commit suicide was gut-wrenching and so real. I cried through all those scenes. It is such a real scenario for many people and I really felt that at that point, Chelsea needs to get redeemed and her two sons need to realize what jerks they have been towards her. That part of the script is disappointing and needs to get fixed. And as for Sally, she needs to come back to Adam because they are a perfect couple. Nick belongs with Sharon and now is the time to get them back together like they got that self-righteous drunk stripper Nicki back with Victor. And Jack belongs with Diane because she deserves redemption…Come on….As for Ashley, the hypocrite, I can’t stand her character anymore. So self-righteous!!! And Phyllis is such a hypocritical character now. She tried to kill Paul and Cricket…remember??? And now she is after Diane making her to be such a horrible person when she was worse!!! Let’s have someone call her out on all her transgressions!!

1 year ago

I can’t stand lying scheming Diane. I hope they take her down big time! She deserves to lose Kyle and everyone and everything!