The Young and the Restless spoilers for next week: Missing Mariah, more Victoria drama, and Devon takes charge

The Young and the Restless spoilers reveal Devon steps it up to help his friends.
Devon makes waves as he tries to help his loved ones. Pic credit: CBS

The Young and the Restless spoilers for next week’s episodes of the hit CBS soap opera tease things are heating up in Genoa City.

A couple of pivotal storylines are taking over the daytime drama with new revelations, twists, and turns that will keep viewers on their toes all week long. Oh yes, the CBS show has a lot in store for fans who won’t want to miss an episode.

All hands-on deck to find Mariah

It’s all about finding the missing Mariah (Camryn Grimes) next week. Rey (Jordi Vilasuso) gets a clue that brings him one step closer to finding his stepdaughter. The detective enlists Kevin (Greg Rikaart) to help with the case. Kevin is beneficial in helping Rey connect all the dots in Mariah’s disappearance.

Sharon (Sharon Case) demands justice for her daughter. The question is will she turn to her husband for help or her old stand-by Adam (Mark Grossman)?

While Rey works with Kevin, Devon (Bryton James) takes matters into his own hands. Devon shares a theory about Mariah’s kidnapping with Victor (Eric Braeden). Then with a bit of help from his personal private investigator Denise (Telma Hopkins), Devon makes a startling discovery about Mariah’s case.

Ben, aka Stitch (Sean Carrigan), joins the search too. He will suddenly find a clue that could help Abby (Melissa Ordway) find Mariah. Thanks to Stitch, Abby decides to do some sleuthing on her own, which fans can expect to turn disastrous.

Is Stitch really helping or just throwing Abby and friends a curveball keep them at bay?

Mariah’s loved ones better hurry up and find her because her situation takes a turn that sounds like she goes into labor.

More Newman family drama

A war of words heats up between Ashland (Richard Burgi) and Victor as they deal with some unfinished business. The last time they were together, Victor accused Ashland of faking his illness, and new information will have the mustache in fighting mode.

While Victor faces off with Ashland, Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) pushes Victoria’s (Amelia Heinle) buttons about her engagement. All the tension between Victoria and Ashland leads Nikki to have a spat with Victor over the family drama.

It’s not all about Victoria. Moses (Jacob Aaron Gaines) and Faith (Reylynn Caster) move forward with their relationship resulting in Nick (Joshua Morrow) grilling the young man.

Lucky for Moses, he’s given some good advice from Devon and Nate (Sean Dominic). The two men share some positive words of encouragement regarding his relationship and future career.

That’s not all that’s going down in Genoa City.

Traci (Beth Maitland) returns with exciting news about a new project for Jack (Peter Bergman). When Sally (Courtney Hope) spies Jack and Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) together, a revenge plan forms. Plus, Lily (Christel Khalil) learns Billy (Jason Thompson) has been keeping a big secret from her.

Who’s ready for another entertaining week on the hit daytime drama?

The Young and the Restless airs weekdays on CBS.

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Shepard, Mildred
Shepard, Mildred
2 years ago

Looks like Stitch might just know a little more than about this than they realize. Is he making a play for Abby?

Joan Shadinger
Joan Shadinger
2 years ago

Well I think he is but I saw a few weeks ago where he may have been helping Tara who was supposed to be Stitch’s sister! Now ,I am confused but I still think he is behind it; as I think his son may have passed away and he wants to replace his dead son by taking Abby son for his own!!
I just bet it is fun writing these soaps too! I was thinking about Sally and how she plays a shifty young woman & I was also thinking about with B&B and Quinn and Sheila who are both nasty dishonest women in different ways!

karen Dirr
karen Dirr
2 years ago

when is chane commeing home///?/

when is chance comming home?

Joan Shadinger
Joan Shadinger
2 years ago

Well here it is December6, and I think that Nick should enlist Rey in helping to find out if Ashland is really sick with cancer personally!!! I have been suspicious of Ashland this whole time and no on has thought of it aside from Nick! I mean come on he had never shown how sick a person manor woman has looked with any signs of having cancer for Ashland or Sharon; Sharon was supposed t be sick with cancer! No hair loss, skin changes, loss of weight, Sharon may have had some but not enough and I had cancer, and still have congestive heart failure because of all the chemotherapy/ radiation so I know what I am talking about! I have also seen a lot of cancer people and we have all had most of the symptoms to! So get Nick to go see Dr. that is supposedly in charge of Ashland health!! I challenge the writers on this matter too!

Joan Shadinger
Joan Shadinger
2 years ago

Hello, Well here it is December 6th 2021 and I think that Nick should enlist Rey’s help to find out if Ashland is really having cancer treatments or if he is really faking this whole darn thing to get even with a long time revenge of Victor letting Ashland almost die before he signed the papers feud with Victor!
Anyway I wish Nick would have Rey help him find out by following Ashland to see where he goes and see fi he really is sick with cancer! I say this because I had cancer and I lost all my hair and had a lot of weight loss and looked terrible with a bloated face and I never saw any of thus with either Ashland or Sharon when she supposedly had breast cancer! So I think Nick should have Ashland followed and see where is is going and prove one way or another that is actually lying to everyone as he is trying to get even with Victor after Victor left Ashland and to almost die! Rey is great at his job and could enlist his buddy at Police department too! So I challenge writers to see this through and end it once and for all about Ashland! By the way Give Billy a break he means well and needs help to show he & Lilly did not put that video on their Web site! Show where Victor and Adam especially did that dirty deed by paying a worker at Chance-Com would was highly paid to put nasty information about Ashland on website!! NOT Billy or Lilly! Save the Day for hero Billy!!!Give Adam and Victor a huge GUT Punch!!! Thank you Joan