The Young and the Restless spoilers for next week: Cameron the terror, busted Phyllis, and Abbott family chaos

Linden Ashby as Cameron Kirsten on Y&R.
Cameron’s revenge is just getting started on Y&R. Pic credit: CBS

The Young and the Restless spoilers for next week’s episodes of the hit CBS soap opera tease that terror and betrayal are taking over Genoa City.

It’s more of the same with the Abbott family as Ashley (Eileen Davidson) takes her war with Jack (Peter Bergman) to the next level.

However, things are heating up with Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) now that her whereabouts have been exposed.

Y&R has given fans something to talk about with the return of Cameron Kirsten (Linden Ashby) too.

The terrorizing storyline will have a lasting impact and might give Shick fans what they have wanted for years.

It may be nice outside, but the hit CBS daytime drama is pulling out all the stops to keep The Young and the Restless viewers glued to their TV screens, at least until the writers’ strike impacts the show.

Cameron unleashes his reign of terror

Bringing Cameron back on the canvas has also brought a slew of flashbacks reminding viewers of what really went down between him and Sharon (Sharon Case) all those years ago.

Next week, Cameron steps up his game in stalking Sharon, which dramatically affects Faith (Reylynn Caster).

This leads to a face-to-face showdown between Sharon and Cameron that’s been a long time coming. Nick (Joshua Morrow) and Chance (Conner Floyd) work together to fiercely protect Sharon after Cameron enjoys threatening her.

Before the week is over, Victor (Eric Braeden) also has a warning for Cameron as news the villain is back in Genoa City spreads.

Phyllis plots her next move

The fallout of Kyle (Michael Mealor) discovering Phyllis hiding out in town takes a toll on his marriage. Summer (Allison Lanier) pleads with Kyle and Daniel (Michael Graziadei) to keep Phyllis’ location a secret.

An argument between Kyle, Daniel, and Summer gives Phyllis the perfect opportunity to disappear. Yes, Phyllis isn’t done playing games despite the toll it’s taking on her family.

What Phyllis doesn’t know is that Christine (Lauralee Bell) is determined to find Phyllis and make her pay for faking her death and killing Jeremy (James Hyde).

There’s a good chance neither Kyle nor Daniel will keep quiet that Phyllis is back in town. The fiery redhead better come up with a new scheme quickly, or Christine will get her wish to arrest Phyllis soon.

Other Y&R news

Elsewhere in Genoa City, Ashley moves forward with her plan to oust Jack as CEO of Jabot with help from Tucker (Trevor St. John), of course.

Ashley shouldn’t underestimate her brother, though. Jack makes his own move by giving Diane (Susan Walters) an executive-level job at the company.

On the wedding front, Ashley will push the narrative of her engagement to Tucker while Diane plans her nuptials to Jack.

Meanwhile, Victoria (Amelia Heinle) and Nate (Sean Dominic) go public with their new romance before the week is over, and the good people of Genoa City have lots of thoughts about it.

Who’s ready for another juicy week of the hit soap opera?

The Young and the Restless airs weekdays on CBS.

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? ? ?
1 year ago

OMG let’s bring Susan’s real husband on put him on the show what planet are you writers 📑 living on 😡😡😡😡😡were so sick 🤢 of this storyline and poor Jack he is such a blind in heat bastard

Miriam Esquilin
Miriam Esquilin
1 year ago
Reply to  ? ? ?

Im so bored storyline, Jack your dumb. Nick needs to let Sally go so adam can be with her. Kyle your getting on my nerves, poor o Diane blah, blah ,blah..

1 year ago

not liking the “ new” Taylor! she certainly did go behind Brookes back! im team brooke right now but really the brooke taylor ridge thing is PLAYED OUT its boring!!!