The Young and the Restless spoilers: Another Newman family war is brewing

The Newman family is feuding again on The Young and The Restless.
Adam and Victor are at odds again and this time there may be no making amends. Pic credit: CBS

The Young and the Restless spoilers for upcoming episodes of the CBS show tease another Newman family war is brewing. The Kansas secret is going to draw battle lines within the family, especially between the men.

Adam (Mark Grossman) has no intention of letting go of his theory regarding Victor’s involvement in Cliff and AJ Montalvo’s death. He is determined to find out what happened in Kansas, but the fallout could cost Adam more than he thought.

Adam talks to Alyssa

Once again, Adam finds himself in the middle of a battle against the rest of the Newman family. It has been like that pretty much since he discovered Victor was his father.

Now though, the stakes are even higher. Adam pleads with his childhood friend Alyssa (Maria DiDomenico), to launch an investigation into the death of her dad, as well as Adam’s stepdad. Alyssa isn’t sold on Adam’s theory at all. She is angered by his insinuation that her father had anything to do with Cliff’s death.

Adam has no evidence of a crime committed by AJ or Victor (Eric Braeden), and without proof, Alyssa is not going to help him. Thankfully Adam has Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) by his side. She believes in his theory and will do anything to help him discover the truth.

Victor and Nick grow suspicious of Adam

Victor is hiding a secret regarding Cliff, AJ, and one of his visits to Kansas. It may not have gone down the way Adam believes, but something terrible happened between the three men.

One thing is for sure, if Victor wants to keep the secret buried, he will do anything to ensure it happens. That includes waging war, which means The Newman family will be at war with Adam.

Nick (Joshua Morrow) confronts Chelsea regarding Adam’s latest scheme against their father. The straight talk he was hoping to get from Chelsea is not in the cards. She is Team Adam all the way, and nothing Nick says will change her mind.

Chelsea blasts Nick for not trusting Adam, insisting her fiancée wants peace with the Newman family. Nick knows better than to trust his brother.

There is a lot at stake regarding Adam’s quest for the truth. Should he be wrong about Victor’s past, the fallout will yet again draw a line in the sand between Adam and the Newman family.

Oh, what a week it is going to be on the CBS daytime drama! Make sure to tune in daily to find out if the Newmans go to war again.

If the soap opera is preempted, please check the official Y&R social media accounts to find out if the show will air the next day or on the CBS app and on-demand.

The Young and the Restless airs weekdays on CBS.

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