The Young and the Restless: Kristoff St. John’s ex-wife Mia writing memoir about life with late actor

Kristoff St. John's ex-wife Mia is writing a book.
Fans will soon learn more about Kristoff St. John’s life thanks to a book his ex-wife Mia is releasing in 2020. Pic credit: CBS

Kristoff St. John’s ex-wife, Mia, is writing a memoir about her life with the late The Young and the Restless actor.

Fighting For My Life will focus on Mia’s life story, including what truly was going on with Kristoff at the end of his life. She is going to shed light on a side of the talented daytime star that his fans never saw because of the persona Kristoff embodied.

There was a sad and depressing side to the Y&R star. Kristoff kept that side hidden from fans, as well as some of his co-stars — who only saw his smiling, loving, and happy side.

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“The life that Kristoff led, a lot of people don’t know what was happening at the end of his life. Not just with the depression and the guilt over his son, but all the circumstances surrounding his life and the last days of his life. So much has been swept under the rug. Everybody knew what was going on in his circle, but I feel like there was such a big attempt to cover everything up, which was not really to his benefit,” she shared in an interview with People magazine discussing her tell-all book.

Mia found success as a boxer. She is a five-time champion. Her life inside the ring was full of success, goals, and accomplishments. However, personal life tragedies have prompted Mia to take on another kind of fight — mental health. Mia and Kristoff’s son Julian killed himself at age 24 in 2014.

The young man battled mental illness his entire life — including being diagnosed with schizophrenia at age 18. She blames the facility where Julian was seeking treatment for neglecting him and even holds the Long Beach facility responsible for Kristoff’s death.

Mia has lost two people she loved dearly to mental health issues and she feels the facility did not treat them properly. It is her mission now to make the public aware of an issue that so many people are facing. She hopes her book will help shine a light on the crucial topic.

Kristoff St. John died in February at the age of 52 from heart disease, which medical authorities believe was caused by excessive alcohol use. The Young and the Restless star’s death was felt by so many fans, friends, and colleagues in the soap opera world.

Sadly, Kristoff never recovered from Julian’s death. Mia believes it ultimately led to the actor’s demise. She discusses it in further detail in her tell-all book, Fighting For My Life, which is slated to be released in 2020.

The Young and the Restless airs weekdays on CBS.

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