The Young and the Restless: Doug Davidson returns as Paul Williams this week, is he back for good?

The Young and the Restless is bringing back Doug Davidson
The Young and the Restless fan-favorite Doug Davidson is back. Pic credit: CBS

The wait is over for The Young and the Restless fans because Doug Davidson returns as Paul Williams this week!

It has been a turbulent year for Davidson and the CBS show he called home for decades. The iconic actor was abruptly fired last fall, sending fans into a frenzy.

He was crystal clear the show chose not to renew his contract in January 2018. Although he had been on recurring status for months, last September Davidson was given the boot.

After one Twitter user asked Davidson if he had been fired from the show, the actor confirmed he had been let go.

“It seems so. Honestly, it was a great run. It does hurt, to be honest. They’re going in another direction,” Davidson shared via Twitter.

Thanks to the fans outrage and outcry for Davidson’s return, Y&R has sporadically had the actor, and Paul, pop back up in Genoa City since last spring.

Although fans are thrilled to see the talented actor on screen, his appearances are few and far between. One Twitter user recently commented it had been well over a month since Davidson blessed her TV screen.

“That’s true, but I’ll be back for another stint September 10th in the US,” he responded to the fan.

In a matter of days, Davidson will once again make a brief appearance on the CBS soap opera. Based on his tweet, it doesn’t appear he is going to be sticking around for an extended time.

The one-day stint on September 10 is certainly not long enough to have him back in the Y&R fold. However, at this point, fans will take what they can get when it comes to seeing him again on the daytime show.

Hopefully, the powers that be are starting to realize the show is seriously lacking without the actor. Davidson has brought so much to the canvas over the years, and the character of Paul Williams is a staple for the long-running daytime show.

There are several new characters fans would gladly see leave in exchange for Davidson to return to the show on a more permanent basis. Even his cast members have been vocal about wanting him back at work indefinitely.

Are you excited to see Davidson on Y&R, even if it is only for one day?

The Young and the Restless airs weekdays on CBS.

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