The Young and the Restless’ best and worst comings and goings of 2019

There were a lot of comings and goings this year on The Young and The Restless.
The death of Kristoff St. John rocked the daytime community in 2019. Pic credit: CBS

There have been several casting changes on The Young and the Restless in 2019. From shocking recasts and departures to the loss of a beloved fan favorite, the CBS soap opera has seen many faces come and go this year.

The Young and the Restless gave fans plenty of cast comings and goings, however, these are the ones that stood out the most.

Kristoff St. John

The death of Kristoff St. John on February 3rd rocked the daytime community. Friends, family, colleagues, and fans flooded social media with tributes to the actor, as well as shock, sadness, and disbelief over Kristoff’s death. It was revealed the 52-year-old died from hypertrophic heart disease.

Kristoff had been a staple on the CBS daytime drama since 1991 when he joined the show as Neil Winters. He earned several Daytime Emmy Nominations and took home the award twice. There is no question, he was a talented man. However, it is his personality, charm, and kindness that people remember about him the most.

In April, The Young and the Restless said goodbye to Neil, with a multi-episode send-off that was just as much for Kristoff, as it was for Neil. Christel Khali, Eileen Davidson, and Shemar Moore all returned to the CBS soap opera to bid farewell to a man who was gone way too soon. It was a moving tribute that left fans, as well as cast members, in tears. The absence of Kristoff will be forever felt on the show.

Phyllis switcheroo

One of the most shocking cast changes this year was the Phyllis switcheroo. Fans went into a frenzy when it was announced Michelle Stafford was returning to the role she originated. Her comeback meant Gina Tognoni, who has played the character for nearly five years, was out.

There was a lot of speculation as to why the powers that be decided to bring Michelle back. However, to fans, the reason behind the switcheroo did not matter. It was Gina fans versus Michelle fans, as each defended their favorite actress in the role of Phyllis.

The two ladies handled the change and backlash with nothing but class, never saying a bad word about each other or the situation. Gina even used social media to praise her time with the CBS, including the relationships she made while working on the show. Michelle remained quiet but supportive of all of her colleagues on General Hospital and Y&R.

Daniel Goddard

A tweet from Daniel Goddard in April sparked speculation the actor was leaving the show. In October, Daniel used Instagram to let fans know he was no longer part of the Y&R cast.

It was evident in his message the choice to leave the CBS daytime drama was not his at all. Daniel shared that there did not appear to be room for Cane on the canvas anymore. His message shocked fans, who were outraged over his ousting.

Daniel’s exit was lackluster at best. Cane went in search of the money his fugitive father stole from Devon (Bryton James). The send-off at least leaves it open for a return. However, the whole situation left a bad taste with fans.

Amanda Sinclair

The news Mishael Morgan was returning to the show was met with mixed reviews. Hilary Curtis is dead, and her ghost had already made an appearance. Therefore, fans were intrigued to see precisely how Mishael would return to the canvas.

When Amanda Sinclair appeared on the scene, fans were conflicted, especially when it appeared that she was hired only to hurt Devon. There isn’t much known about Amanda, but regardless fans are not warming up to Mishael in a new role.

The actress is talented. However, the purpose of the character, other than to be a reminder of Hilary, remains to be seen. So far, Amanda has been trouble for Devon and is getting way too close to Billy (Jason Thompson). Neither of these storylines is sitting well with viewers, and they would be just fine if Amanda left town.

Adam recast

Adam Newman has had many faces over the years. Mark Grossman became the fourth actor to play the character as an adult in May, almost three years after Justin Hartley exited the role. Although it can take time for fans to adjust to a recast, Mark has done a great job of showing Adam’s dark side, while also making him human.

There is no question Adam has questionable morals and will do anything to get what he wants, even hurting his own family. However, Mark brings a vulnerable side to Adam, especially when it comes to the character’s love for his son.

Not everyone will agree, but Mark has done an outstanding job playing the black sheep of the Newman family. At times, fans almost feel sorry for Adam, and that is all thanks to the talented actor.

Doug Davidson

Doug Davidson was abruptly dropped to recurring status at the end of 2018, which ultimately led him to be MIA from the show for months. The character of Paul Williams simply disappeared from the screen with no explanation regarding his absence.

The actor was vocally open regarding how his “firing” from the show went down. He shared his story with several media outlets, as well as answered fan questions on social media. Doug was clear the show was going in a different direction and neither he nor Paul were needed anymore.

Thankfully the tide shifted in the late spring when the show changed course. It was revealed Doug and Paul would soon be back on the CBS show. Although his appearances are still few and far between, fans are happy the actor is back to work on Y&R, and they enjoy seeing Paul police the citizens of Genoa City.

General Hospital stars now call Y&R home

Two other stars besides Michelle Stafford left General Hospital to call Y&R home this year. Elizabeth Hendrickson reprised her role as Chloe, shortly after exiting the role of D.A. Dawson on the ABC soap opera.

Chloe’s appearances have been sporadic, but fans are still thrilled she is back on the canvas. Hopefully, next year will bring more Chloe sightings in Genoa City.

Brytni Sarpy left the role of Valerie on GH to tackle the character of Elena on the CBS daytime drama. Elena has been a breath of fresh air for Devon, and Brynti is finally getting to showcase her stellar acting skills.

The actress was not utilized enough at General Hospital, and her talent was wasted there. Those days are behind Brytni now. She has made quite an impression on the CBS show.

The Young and the Restless airs weekdays on CBS.

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