The Young and the Restless: Adam or Nick who is the best man for Chelsea?

Who should Chelsea choose on The young and the Restless Nick or Adam?
The Young and the Restless’ Adam or Nick who is the best man for Chelsea? Pic Credit: CBS

Who is the better man for Chelsea(Melissa Claire Egan) on The Young and the Restless, Nick (Joshua Morrow) or Adam (Mark Grossman)? Those Newman boys are vastly different, but neither one is perfect.

Chelsea seemed rock solid with Nick until he decided to keep her in the dark about Victor’s fake death. She is furious he was part of such an evil plan to trap Adam for drugging their father.

Nick’s plan caused undue harm to Chelsea and Adam’s son Connor. Not only does the boy think his grandfather is dead, but Adam left town, crushing Connor’s heart.

Although her anger towards Nick may appear to be all about Connor, she is coming across as a woman who still has feelings for her ex. Could it be Chelsea hasn’t quite let go of Adam completely?

The CBS daytime soap opera appears to be headed into a possible love triangle, forcing Chelsea to choose between the two brothers. She loves them both, but in vastly different ways.

Even though she is continuously at odds with Adam, they have a love and connection she can’t escape. Their romance is more intense than what Chelsea has with Nick. Life is a constant rollercoaster with Adam, which can be fun at first. However, it gets old really quick.

There is no question, Nick is the more stable man, but Chelsea has already broken his heart once. The relationship lacks the fire she can’t seem to escape with Adam.

It doesn’t diminish her love for Nick though, because that is real. He can give her a specific calm, peaceful life that she desperately wants for her children.

On paper, it seems Nick is the best guy for Chelsea. However, Adam is the man she can’t escape. The answer is not quite that simple considering the complexity of her relationship with each man.

Actress Melissa Claire Egan, who plays Chelsea, recently spoke to Soaps In Depth regarding which man she feels her alter ego will choose. Egan admitted she has no idea right now who Chelsea will pick, Adam or Nick.

The actress isn’t even sure who is better for the character at this time. She is extremely excited to see the story unfold and enjoys reading each new script.

Adam or Nick, who do you think is the best man for Chelsea on The Young and the Restless?

The Young and the Restless airs weekdays on CBS.

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