The Bold and the Beautiful writers strike: When will the CBS soap opera run out of new episodes?

Katherine Kelly Lang as Brooke on The Bold and the Beautiful.
Will the WGA affect The Bold and the Beautiful? Pic credit: CBS

It appears a little deja vu is happening in the soap world.

The Writers Guild Association (WGA) went on strike earlier this month. This has happened in the past, most notably in 2007.

Now that it’s happening again, The Bold and the Beautiful viewers wonder if and when the strike will affect the CBS soap.

Some television shows have already gone dark, including late-night talk shows. Anything that has to be written close to the air date is pretty much on hiatus, and some others are close to running out of episodes to air.

Luckily, because of the way soaps are shot, there are close to two months’ worth of episodes in the can. It varies from soap to soap, as Days of our Lives tapes several months in advance, and General Hospital is roughly six to eight weeks.

So what can viewers expect from The Bold and the Beautiful?

How many episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful are left?

Based on when the WGA went on strike, there are likely another three to four weeks of episodes in the can for The Bold and the Beautiful.

They went on location to Rome not long ago, as the actors have shared photos of their trip.

Given the number of episodes that have aired since May 2, at minimum, 22 episodes should be left to air without interruption. Also, depending on what was shot and not yet edited, there could be more on the horizon.

What could happen with The Bold and the Beautiful?

Viewers aren’t new to the possibility of things being a little wonky during a WGA strike, as it happened in 2007 and 1988.

There are a couple of ways things could go for The Bold and the Beautiful with the strike still in place.

One would be that the WGA resolves the issue, ending the strike. If that is the case, things should go on without interruption.

The second would be returning to reruns. When the coronavirus shut down filming for months, the CBS soap aired reruns of past episodes. Viewers could take a trip down memory lane while reliving some of the important moments in the show’s history.

The third would be having Scabs write the scripts. This happened in 2007, and some of the messiest soap moments emerged. For One Life to Live viewers, it was Starr Manning (Kristen Alderson) ending up a pregnant teenager. If any writers decide to go financial core, as Josh Griffith did in 2007 for The Young and the Restless, that could keep new episodes airing without interruption.

It is a wait-and-see game for now, and hopefully, the WGA can get a fair deal.

The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS.

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Linda Romano
Linda Romano
1 year ago

The writers suck on the bold and beautiful anyway. I stopped watching the young and the restless for that reason after years. Now I’m fed up with the writing and editing on B & B. I could do so much better.

1 year ago

The Brooke and Taylor “Lesbian maybe” is awful. Please NO.

Linda Raible
Linda Raible
1 year ago
Reply to  Suzanne

I was actually hoping for that, at least it would be an original thought.

Linda Raible
Linda Raible
1 year ago

Whoever the writers are, they have just been repeating the same story line year after year. Brooke, Taylor and Ridge is so old. Are we going to see them in the retirement village arguing? Plus the LAPD should sue them for defamation. They become a variation of the keystone cops whenever there is someone on the loose.