The Bold and the Beautiful: Tanya’s weekly Los Angeles takeaways

Denise Richards as Shauna on The Bold and the Beautiful.
Shauna needs more dimension on The Bold and the Beautiful. Pic credit: CBS

From the moment we heard Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) scold Charlie (Richard Christie) on The Bold and the Beautiful for having toxic chemicals laying around, you knew someone would end up pickled. Our blood ran cold when Ridge said the acid was the kind mobsters used to kill their enemies! Putting two and two together, it wasn’t a stretch for fans to guess that Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) was the one who would die this week and in a most gruesome and grotesque manner.

Perhaps there simply was no way back for this character after trading away his kid in return for sex?

Does the real question now become who in the world in that extended family is capable of raising a healthy, well-adjusted child? No one I can think of fits the bill.

The only remotely normal one is the Lemon Bar Lady, and she’s now on recurring status. B&B will be a lot less sweet without Alley Mills’ Pam, whose quirky warmth and vintage sweaters made me smile every time she appeared. Hopefully, she still gets a seat at the Forrester Thanksgiving table. Please don’t tell me Zoe (Kiara Barnes) will be the new receptionist!

I’m still a little cool on Shauna (Denise Richards). She needs to be more three-dimensional. So far she’s only been an opportunist. What has she done for anyone else lately—or ever? Her obsession with Ridge is less about helping him and more about helping herself to him. She didn’t want Flo (Katrina Barnes) to donate her kidney to save a life but as a means of sliding back into the wealthy Logan family. I need to see some vulnerability, or a flash of tenderness beneath the steely, greedy façade before I can invest in the character.

These are my thoughts on the week’s events as they unfolded for the characters in L.A., what was your takeaway?

The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS.

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