The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers: Quinn isn’t giving Brooke what she wants

Rena Sofer as Quinn on The Bold and the Beautiful.
Quinn wants Brooke to get what she deserves on The Bold and the Beautiful. Pic credit: CBS

The Bold and the Beautiful preview video for next week reveals that one lady is going to get what she has dished back ten-fold.

Even though Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) is out of the picture, Quinn (Rena Sofer) is still on board to bring Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) to her knees. That may be exactly what happens when the truth comes to light on The Bold and the Beautiful.

Quinn holds the kiss over Brooke’s head

On Friday’s episode, Quinn uploaded the video she sent herself from Shauna’s (Denise Richards) phone to the picture frame Eric (John McCook) was putting together for Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) and Brooke.

In The Bold and the Beautiful preview video, Donna (Jennifer Gareis) sees the kiss video. She confronts Brooke about the moment she shared with Bill (Don Diamont). Even though one sister betrayed another, Donna is going to help try and get rid of the video before Katie (Heather Tom) gets hurt.

Unfortunately for Brooke, Quinn is all about making sure she gets exactly what she deserves. She plans to leave that video right where it is despite protests from the Logan sisters. Too bad Quinn doesn’t do anything she doesn’t want to do, and in this case, she isn’t going to remove the video at all.

Katie and Ridge see the Brill kiss

Despite all of her best efforts, Brooke was not able to get the video away from Quinn. As her reconciliation party happens, so does the revelation of the kiss between her and Bill.

Not only is Bill the man Ridge hates more than anything, but he is also Katie’s man. The two have been through hell and back within the last year or so. From their battle over their son to the kidney transplant, Bill and Katie have just made their way back to each other. Brooke was able to ruin that with one weak moment, and now, everyone will see the betrayal with their own two eyes.

As the video plays during what is supposed to be a celebration for the Bridge reconciliation, everyone is shocked. It is unclear where things will stand with the couple, but Quinn hoped that Ridge would run to Shauna and the two would start something up. She has wanted her friend to find someone to date in the area, and now, this may be the answer to keeping her in town.

Be sure to tune in next week and find out how this all goes down!

The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS.

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Pat Lindbom
Pat Lindbom
4 years ago

So sick of Quinn getting away with everything. Why hurt poor Kate again by sister . Anyone but please
Make it right. Finally rid Quinn, Shauna and Flo. Evil girls

Callie Ridgeway
Callie Ridgeway
4 years ago

I Will be glad to see Quinn get what is coming to her.